Top 10 Weirdest BAFTA Moments

The British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) is one of the most prestigious awards ceremonies in the world. It is an annual event that celebrates the best in film and television, honoring the actors, writers, producers, directors, and other professionals who make these projects possible. Every year, the ceremony is filled with wonderful moments of joy, celebration, and recognition.

However, over the years, there have been some rather strange moments as well. From awkward speeches to bizarre outfits, here are the top 10 weirdest BAFTA moments from the past.

1. The First Ever BAFTA Awards

The first BAFTA Awards ceremony was held in 1947. It was a low-key affair, held at the London Palladium, with just 150 people in attendance. However, there was one particular moment that earned a place in BAFTA history. As the evening drew to a close, the band struck up a rendition of “Happy Birthday” to honor King George VI, who had just passed away the week before.

2. John Cleese’s Acceptance Speech

In 1989, John Cleese won a BAFTA for Best Comedy Performance for his role in A Fish Called Wanda. During his acceptance speech, he decided to take a moment to thank all of the people who had made the film possible. To do this, he started reciting the entire cast and crew list in alphabetical order. As the list went on, the audience began to get restless and started to laugh and clap as he reached the end.

3. David Bowie’s Bizarre Outfit

David Bowie was one of the most eccentric entertainers of all time, and his fashion choices often reflected this. When he attended the BAFTA Awards in 2000, he decided to wear a rather strange ensemble. He donned a bright red suit, a blue shirt, and a bright yellow hat, making for a very eye-catching look.

4. The BAFTA’s Most Controversial Moment

In 2002, the BAFTA Awards was rocked by controversy when actress Thandie Newton presented the award for Best Film. During her speech, she made a joke about her skin color, which some people found offensive. At the time, some accused her of racism and the BAFTA organizers quickly issued an apology.

5. The Outrageous Outfit of Helena Bonham Carter

In 2011, Helena Bonham Carter made a memorable appearance at the BAFTA Awards. She was wearing a bright yellow dress with a pink fur jacket, topped off with a pair of bright red glasses. The outfit was so outrageous that it earned her a place in BAFTA history.

6. The Inappropriate Acceptance Speech

In 2012, actor Daniel Day-Lewis won the award for Best Actor for his role in Lincoln. However, his acceptance speech was far from appropriate. He decided to use the opportunity to make a joke about the fact that he had been nominated for the same award for two different films. This prompted some members of the audience to walk out and the BAFTA organizers were forced to issue an apology.

7. Prince William’s Speech

Prince William made a surprise appearance at the 2012 BAFTA Awards. He was there to present the award for Best Film and gave a short speech to introduce the nominees. However, it was his choice of words that caused some controversy. He referred to the nominees as “the cream of the crop” and some people found this to be a bit insensitive.

8. Michael Fassbender’s Speech Flub

In 2013, actor Michael Fassbender was awarded the Best Actor award for his role in Shame. During his acceptance speech, he made a mistake when thanking the BAFTA organizers. He referred to them as the “British Academy of Film and Television Arts and Sciences”, instead of the correct name, “British Academy of Film and Television Arts”.

9. The BAFTA’s Most Awkward Moment

In 2014, actor Benedict Cumberbatch presented the award for Best Film. As he was about to announce the winner, he stumbled over his words and ended up saying “The winner of the BAFTA is…I don’t know.” His mistake was met with gasps from the audience and he quickly recovered by introducing the correct winner.

10. Prince William’s Baby News

The BAFTA Awards in 2015 was an extra special occasion due to the surprise announcement by Prince William. After presenting the award for Outstanding British Film, he announced that his wife, Kate Middleton, was pregnant with their second child. This was met with a huge round of applause from the audience and was one of the most memorable BAFTA moments of all time.

From the first ever ceremony to Prince William’s baby news, the BAFTA Awards has seen some truly bizarre moments over the years. These moments have made the ceremony even more special and have been remembered for years to come.

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