Top 10 Weirdest News In The World

From a mysterious underground lake in the Sahara Desert, to a man that survived for a month with only beer, here are the top 10 weirdest news in the world.

1. Underground Lake In Sahara Desert

In 2020, scientists discovered a mysterious underground lake in the Sahara Desert, one of the driest regions on Earth. The lake, which is believed to be hundreds of thousands of years old, is located around 1,000 feet below the surface. It is believed to be the first of its kind in the region and could provide a source of fresh water for the region.

2. Man Survived For A Month With Only Beer

In 2019, a man in Australia was reported to have survived for a month in the Outback with nothing but beer to drink. After getting lost during a fishing trip, he drank only beer to survive. Despite being malnourished and dehydrated, he was able to survive until he was found by a rescue team.

3. Scientists Create Glowing Plants

In 2020, scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) created a glowing plant. The plant was created by injecting a special type of bacteria into the plant’s leaves. As a result, the plant was able to emit a faint blue light. Scientists hope to develop the technology to create self-powered streetlights using the glowing plants.

4. A Man Ran A Marathon In A Suit Of Armor

In 2018, a man in England ran a marathon while wearing a suit of armor. The suit weighed around 50 pounds, but that didn’t stop him from completing the 26.2 mile race in a respectable time. He was even able to beat several other runners who were not wearing armor.

5. Robotic Fish Swims With Dolphins

In 2020, a robotic fish was deployed in the wild to study the behavior of dolphins. The robotic fish, named “Robofish”, was designed to look and swim like a real fish. It was able to keep up with the dolphins and even interact with them, giving scientists a better understanding of their behavior.

6. Cat Caught Driving A Car

In 2019, a cat in New Zealand was caught driving a car. The cat, named “Colonel Meow”, managed to somehow get behind the wheel of a parked car and drive it down the street. The car was eventually stopped by the police and Colonel Meow was taken into custody.

7. Scientists Create Bionic Leaf

In 2020, scientists from Harvard University developed a “bionic leaf” that can produce energy from sunlight. The leaf is made up of two parts: a silicon solar cell and a biological component. The solar cell absorbs sunlight and converts it into electricity, while the biological component uses the electricity to produce fuel.

8. Woman Has Two Heads

In 2018, a woman in India stunned doctors when she was born with two heads. The woman, named “Lakshmi”, was born with two heads and four arms. She is believed to be the first recorded case of a person being born with two heads.

9. Fish Walks On Land

In 2020, a fish in Australia stunned scientists when it was able to walk on land. The fish, named “Walking Catfish”, was able to move its fins in a way that allowed it to “walk” on land. Scientists believe the fish may have developed the ability to survive in changing environments.

10. Man Lived In Tree For 27 Years

In 2019, a man in India stunned the world when it was discovered he had been living in a tree for 27 years. The man survived by eating leaves, fruits, and nuts from the tree. He was eventually rescued by local authorities and is now living in a shelter.

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