10 Strange Cat Behaviors Explained

Many people see cats as mysterious creatures. After all, they can be quite hard to read and often display behaviors that are strange to humans. From lounging around on top of the fridge to meowing at invisible creatures, cats are full of quirks. All of their behaviors have a purpose, however, and understanding why your cat does certain things can help you better appreciate your feline friend. Here are 10 strange cat behaviors explained.

1. Sniffing Everything

Cats have an impressive olfactory system, and they use their noses to explore their environment. Cats sniff food, other cats, and even you. This behavior is a way for them to understand their surroundings and identify potential threats. Similarly, cats also rub their faces on objects. This behavior is called bunting and is a cat’s way of marking their territory with their scent.

2. Meowing at Inanimate Objects

It’s not uncommon to see cats meowing at inanimate objects like walls or furniture. This behavior can be confusing for humans, but cats meow to communicate with us. By meowing at objects, cats are trying to communicate their needs or ask for something.

3. Staring Intently

Cats are naturally curious creatures, and they often will stare intently at their surroundings. This behavior is often seen in cats that are allowed to roam outdoors. Cats are always on alert for potential predators or prey, and they use their eyes to search for any potential threats.

4. Hiding

Cats are instinctive animals, and they often hide when they sense danger. This behavior is a natural response intended to keep them safe. Cats may also hide when they are feeling scared or overwhelmed.

5. Chasing their Tails

If you’ve ever seen your cat chasing its tail, you may have wondered what it could mean. This behavior is usually harmless, and can be a sign of boredom or excitement. If your cat is excessively chasing its tail, however, it could be a sign of a skin condition or an infection.

6. Following You Everywhere

If your cat follows you around the house, it’s likely because they enjoy your company. Cats are social animals, and they often form strong bonds with their owners. Follow your cat’s lead and take breaks from your activities to give them some attention.

7. Kneading

Kneading is a behavior that cats often display when they are feeling content. This behavior is typically seen when a cat is being petted, as they will press their paws against their owner’s skin. Kneading is a sign that your cat is feeling relaxed and comfortable.

8. Eating Grass

It’s common for cats to eat grass, even if they are indoor cats. This behavior is usually harmless, and is believed to be a way for cats to supplement their diets with vitamins and minerals. Eating grass may also help cats with digestion.

9. Sleeping in Odd Places

Cats love to sleep, and they often find the strangest places to take a nap. From the top of the refrigerator to the inside of a shoe, cats choose these spots because they are often warm and safe.

10. Staring at Nothing

If your cat is staring at nothing, it could be a sign that they are trying to hunt an imaginary prey. Cats are natural hunters, and they often engage in behaviors like stalking and pouncing even when there’s no prey around.

Cats are unique creatures, and their behaviors can often be strange to us. While some of their behaviors may seem odd, they all have a purpose. Understanding why cats behave the way they do can help us better appreciate our feline friends.

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