Home Alone Fans Puzzled By Theory About The Movie That Involving Elvis Presley

The 1990 classic Christmas movie Home Alone has become a beloved holiday tradition for many fans. The movie, starring Macaulay Culkin as the precocious 8-year-old Kevin McCallister, follows the misadventures of Kevin as he defends his Home from two bumbling burglars. Fans of the movie love its slapstick humor, heartwarming family moments, and iconic soundtrack.

However, one particular theory about Home Alone has been puzzling fans for years – the theory that Elvis Presley is the mysterious “Old Man Marley” from the movie. Elvis Presley, of course, is the legendary singer and actor who rose to fame in the 1950s and 1960s.

The theory about Elvis Presley appearing in Home Alone has been around for years, but it gained new traction in 2017 when a fan posted a video on YouTube. The video points to several clues that suggest Elvis is the mysterious Old Man Marley.

The first clue is Marley’s white beard and sunglasses. Many fans believe this is a reference to Elvis’ signature look. Additionally, Marley’s last name is never revealed in the movie, which could be a nod to Elvis’ famous last name.

Another clue that has fans puzzled is Marley’s truck. The truck is a white Cadillac, which happens to be the same type of car that Elvis famously drove. The license plate on Marley’s truck is also never revealed, which could be another subtle reference to Elvis.

The fan video also points to Marley’s occupation – he is a snow shoveler. This could be a reference to Elvis’ song “Blue Christmas,” which includes the lyric “I’ll have a blue Christmas with a shovel of snow.”

Finally, the video draws attention to the final scene in Home Alone, where Marley is seen playing with Kevin in the snow. Marley is wearing a red scarf and a red and white striped shirt – two items of clothing that were popularized by Elvis in the 1950s.

The video concludes by suggesting that Elvis was cast in Home Alone as a way to honor him and his legacy.

While the theory that Elvis is the mysterious Old Man Marley from Home Alone is certainly intriguing, it has not been confirmed by the filmmakers or anyone else associated with the movie. In fact, the actor who played Marley has not been identified, so it’s impossible to say for sure who is under that beard and sunglasses.

Still, fans can’t help but wonder if the King of Rock and Roll did make a cameo in the beloved Christmas movie. The theory is certainly puzzling and adds a new layer of mystery to the beloved classic. Whether or not Elvis really is the mysterious Old Man Marley, it’s a fun thought to ponder this holiday season.

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