Blockbuster Of Box Office: Top Gun Maverick

Do you believe the quote Old is Gold?

Well, look at the Top Gun Maverick star Tom Cruise, and you will certainly believe that old is diamond, platinum, and gold.

The evergreen and never-aging star are back with the sequel of his 1986 blockbuster hit ‘Top Gun. The world might have changed between 1986 to 2022, but the lead actor remains the same as he was 36 years back, or one can say he got a bit hotter.

Back then, the movie was the highest-grossing domestic film of 1986. Produced with a mere budget of $15 Million made a skyrocketing box office collection of $357 Million.

The high-flying top, end technological machines, fierce dog fights, life-on-the-line situations, and the thrill of speed made the movie highly demanding, gained a lot of attention from the public all over the globe, and proved its mantel of being a Top Gun movie.

Let’s Talk Numbers: Box Office Updates

Top Gun Maverick was produced at a whooping budget of $170 Million, making a humungous return of $740 Million internationally and around $700.3 Million on a state level, totaling its overall gross earning to $1.464 Billion. I am making it the 6th Hollywood movie to cross the $700 Million mark.

It broke the record of Black Panther, who earned $700.42 Million.

Story Line Up Of 1986

The 1986 movie revolves around LT Pete Mitchell, Sign Maverick, who serves the navy as a fighter pilot. After performing some risky stunts initially, he is sent off to the best naval academy responsible for creating a generation of extraordinary fighter pilots.

Maverick and his flight partner LT, JG Nick Bradshaw’s call sign, is “Goose,” married to Carol Bradshaw and has a son named Bradley, aged four years. Together they are trying to become the ace pair in the academy.

However, tragedy happens, and Goose dies while trying to eject from the jet while training. Maverick blames himself for the accident and tries to redeem his actions. A power-packed bundle of action and excitement accompanied by the chemistry between Pete and Charlot [Tom and Kelly]

Top Gun Maverick (2022)

The sequel of Top Gun premiered in 2022, with our favorite guy playing the lead role of Maverick again. The film became the highest-grossing film of 2022, produced at a budget of $170 Million.

The movie shattered many box office records with a humungous gross collection of $1.464 Billion. The film stars the likes of Jennifer Connelly and the new age star Miles Teller and also 1986 cast Val Kilmer who played LT Tom Kazansky whose call sign was Iceman.

As the navy’s top aviator and serving for more than 30 years in the field, Maverick is back again, but this time as a courageous test pilot and skipping the advancement in rank that would ground him from the fieldwork where the real action is.

On the special request of his old pal Kazansky, Maverick starts training a squad of Top Gun graduates for a specialized and critical mission that has never been performed before. In the process, Maverick encounters his late friend and radar interceptors officer Goose’s son Bradley Bradshaw called sign Rooster, whom he grounded back in the academy at the request of Bradley’s mother.

Maverick trains the squad facing an uncertain future and going face to face with the ghosts from his past; Maverick is confronted by his deepest fears in carrying out a mission that demands sacrifice from the person chosen to fly it.


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