What is Kelsey Plum’s Relationship Status?

Kelsey Plum

Kelsey Plum’s current relationship status has been a topic of interest for her fans for quite a long time now. Is she single, married, or engaged? We are equally eager to know the answers to these questions. Let us find them out together through this article. The article will also contain information about her previous relationships and other aspects of her life.

To those of you who don’t know who Kesley Plum is, keep reading, and you will find out what an amazing woman she is. Kesley Plum is an American Basketball player who is 28 years old. She has managed to earn her name and fame not only for herself but also for her family and country. Apart from her professional life, the basketball player has had an interesting and inspiring personal life but she has been keeping quiet about her romantic relationship and likes to keep it a secret.

Kelsey Plum Boyfriend
Kelsey Plum

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Kesley Plum’s Relationship Status

Kesley Plum was born on August 24, 1994, in Poway, San Diego, California. She is a player at the University Of Washington. The basketball player completed her high school education at La Jolla Country Day School in La Jolla, a community in San Diego. She started playing basketball in high school and won a CIF Division IV State Championship. She then started playing at her university, and in 2017, she scored a career-high 57 points – making 19 of the 28 shots she took. This broke the NCAA Division I Women’s Basketball all-time scoring record with 3,397 points, and the same year; she broke another record – the NCAA record for points in a single season – 1080 points.

Kelsey plum basketball
Kelsey Plum

She was then selected by the San Antonio Stars and made the primary decisions in WNBA (Women’s National Basketball Association) in 2017. After being relocated to Las Vegas, San Antonio Stars was named Las Vegas Aces. Plum has played as the point guard and has helped her team get many wins. She has also won many titles and championships in her life as a player. In May 2015, she signed an extension with Las Vegas Aces. She was the youngest player who was awarded the gold medal in the women’s 3 x 3 ball competition at the 2020 Summer Olympics.

Kesley Plum’s Boyfriend

When it comes to her personal and love life, Kesley plum is very private. She does not like to share much about her romantic partner. There is no post of her and her boyfriend on Instagram. However, there have been many rumors about her marrying a man named Josh, but she made it very clear that these rumors are not true.

Kelsey Plum Dating
Kelsey Plum

According to various trusted sources like CelebsCouples, Kesley Plum had at least 1 relationship previously. She has not been engaged to anyone and is single currently. There is no information about her past relationship, all people know is that she was committed for some time. Plum took it to Twitter to clear the doubts and rumors about her dating life that she is not married and never has been. She also said that she is not romantically affiliated with any person named Josh. Her tweet read,” [ I don’t know] where it came from but let’s set the record straight, I am not married nor have I ever been married. I’d love to meet this mystery man tho.”

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