How To Watch Primal Season 2? All That We Know

Genndy Tartakovsky’s Primal or popularly known as just ‘Primal’ is an American animated prehistoric adventure TV drama that airs on Cartoon Network in the programming block of Adult Swim. The series presents anachronistic prehistory with dinosaurs rampaging in Iron Age with homo sapiens co-existing with them. The story is a horror-action fantasy adventure that was created by Genndy Tartakovsky.

The first season was divided into two parts, each of five episodes, beginning in October of 2019, released a year apart. The series has been praised for its storytelling and animation and has acquired three Outstanding Individual Achievement in Animation Juried Awards since. The horror theme of the series was considered core by the team, who took inspiration from Moebius, Frank Frazetta, Osamu Tezuka, and so forth.

Tartakovsky, the father of the series, is a legend in art and storytelling. His works ranged from Powerpuff Girls and Dexter’s Laboratory to Star Wars: Clone Wars and the Transylvania installments. He is well known for his distinct style of animation and fast-paced storyline. Tartakovsky had notified that the series would be seeing a second season in July 2022, and it premiered on the 21st of the month.

What Happened In Primal Season 1?

If you have not watched the first season or are looking to recap, let’s gloss over what happened before the latest release. In the opening of Primal, we are introduced to the protagonist, Spear—a caveman. He lives in a prehistoric world where dinosaurs still exist. On his way home, he sees tracks leading to his house. When he arrives, he finds his wife and two children being attacked by three huge T-rexes and soon eaten, but as he prepares to attack, he sees that they are under the guard of a much larger dinosaur than the ones that have eaten his family. He decides to end his life but thinks otherwise and goes to avenge. But he comes across another dinosaur—a female and her children get eaten by the previous monstrous one.

Primal Season 2
Primal Season 2

The two together defeat the predator and become companions on sentimental grounds, but they start fighting as Fang, the mama dino, eats all of Spear’s hunt, but that is resolved as well when the duo save each other and decide sharing spoils. They have an encounter with the mammoths that teaches them that beings co-exist and we must respect even the kill. Then a blood moon comes about with an onset of gigantic vampire bats that kidnap Spear to feed to their Arachnid queen, but the duo kill her and save themselves. They arrive at a paradise but are yet again kidnapped by a monkey clan that makes their champion drink a drop of black substance and brutally defeat Fang, to save her, Spear drinks all of the substance and tears the clan into monkey bits, making it one of the most gruesome cartoons ever aired.

After episode 5, the series saw a one-year break making people think that Fang had died. It is found in episode 6 that Fang is alive. Spear tries to nurse her to health and never sleeps, protecting her from predators, but the predators attack Fang, forcing her to get up. The duo saves themselves again. Later, we see a zombified sauropod who kills his family; when they come upon this, the hero duo is horrified. They get manically chased by it until it dissolves into ash in a lava pit. Soon, they happen upon a coven whose priestess gives birth to a child after sucking the life force out of a caveman bound for sacrifice.

Primal Season 2
Primal Season 2

They capture Spear for their next sacrifice, but the guarding witch goes into their memories and bonds over the loss of loved ones. She saves the duo from the priestess but is herself killed and goes to paradise to meet her daughter. On their journey further, they encounter a strange but powerful dinosaur that is on a killing spree, but the duo kills it by cleverly entrapping it in a fire. In the final episode, a woman being chased by a mosasaur emerges from the water, and Spear kills it. The duo helps her find food, but the woman cooks it; in appreciation and concern, Spear and Fang break her bonds. It is established that she is a Homosapien while Spear is a Neanderthal, and she joins their troupe. She tells her name is Mira, and her village has been raided, but the next day, she is captured and taken away on a ship. For the first time, we hear Spear speak, calling out Mira.

How To Watch Primal Season 2?

The sequel to the acclaimed series premiered on the 21st of July 2022 on HBO Max. The series is also available on Amazon Prime, Adult Swim, and DIRECTV for streaming. But unfortunately, outside of the US, the animation cannot be watched and is unavailable on any streaming websites, but viewers can watch it through VPN. Download the appropriate VPN and clear your browser cookies and cache. Then open the browser extension or VPN app and sign up for services in the US. Now you can log in to your preferred streaming website and start watching. Be sure to catch up on season 1 if you have not watched it yet.

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