Mike Hagerty Net Worth and Cause of Death

American actor Michael Gerard Hagerty was born on May 10, 1954. He was an American actor who appeared in several popular movies and TV series. He was born in the US city of Chicago, Illinois. Mike Hagerty pursued his education at the University of Illinois in Chicago. His humor won him a lot of fans. His recurrent appearances as a construction supervisor on Friends and the manager of a muffler shop on HBO’s Lucky Louie are examples of his reputation for portraying blue-collar comic employees. Here is everything you need to know about Mike Hagerty’s Net Worth and Cause of Death.

The Second City was his debut picture. His most notable performances were as Mr. Treegar and Somebody Somewhere in Friends. His wife, Mary Kathryn, daughter Meg, and sister Mary Ann Hagerty. He has a long-acting history and is widely recognized for his roles in popular series and episodes like Friends, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, etc.

Mike Hagerty’s Net Worth

He has a strong net worth and has had a lot of success as an actor. Mike has also had several small roles in series like Cheers, Club, Martin, Seinfeld, and others. He has also appeared in movies like Doctor Detroit and Brewster’s Millions. Please read the material below for further details.

Mike Hagerty had a net worth of $1.5 million as of Celebrity Net Worth, which ranged up to $2 million US dollars. Therefore it is impossible to determine his actual net worth as of 2022. He was well-known and had worked for a long time on many different successful series and movies.

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Cause of His Death

He passed away in Los Angeles at the o7 after working diligently for many years in the profession. This information was broadcast to the globe on Instagram. Mary Hagerty broke the news of his passing to Los Angeles with tremendous grief. It was discovered that his disease was the cause of his death. The news devastated many of his friends, relatives, and admirers.

At first, it was thought that his health got affected, and he died due to Covid19, and media and different channels reported the same, but later on, the real reason for his death was found.

In April, Hagerty was healing from an infection in his leg, but he didn’t feel fully well even though he was there. He was preparing to shoot the second season of the highly regarded dramedy Somebody Somewhere. Still, his doctor had ordered him to the hospital, where he was given an antibiotic and experienced a “bad response” that resulted in a seizure and, finally, a coma.

Mike Hagerty Net Wort

On May 5, Hagerty passed away in Los Angeles. Early in the 1980s, he made his acting debut in tiny parts in movies including Doctor Detroit, The Imposter, Turk 182, and Brewster’s Millions.

His Notable Works

The seasoned character actor gained more than 100 credits in a variety of films and television programs. Hagerty was well-known for his recurrent position as Mr. Treeger, the building superintendent of the apartment complex where most of the main characters resided, in the popular comedy Friends.

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