Patrick Carroll Net Worth And Earnings

Patrick Carroll is the founder and CEO of the well-known real estate investment firm CARROLL. Patrick Carroll had the idea to start a real estate firm from the bottom up from a young age. The astute businessman transformed a multifamily and retail assets firm into a prominent real estate empire. According to Form 4 filed with the SEC, Patrick has made over 26 LXP Industrial Trust shares transactions since 2003. He has exercised 134,932 units of LXP stock valued $1,021,435 in total. Here is everything you need to know about Patrick Carroll’s Net Worth.

Patrick’s real estate investing and development career began with CARROLL, founded in 2004. Patrick’s early success in the industry stemmed from residential investments and development projects throughout the Southeast, which led to opportunities to develop retail centers, mixed-use properties, and student housing.

What does he do?

As CEO, Patrick is responsible for developing and implementing strategic initiatives to increase all aspects of the Carroll business. Patrick, a conservative investor, meticulously balances purchases and dispositions, resulting in $12 billion in acquisitions and $8 billion in the disposal of multifamily real estate, with an average gross IRR of 29 percent.

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Patrick Carroll’s Assets

Carroll now manages over $5 billion in assets and owns over 30,000 commercial and residential buildings throughout the United States East Coast. Michael Patrick Carroll’s firm has bought more than $7.6 billion in assets and sold more than $4.2 billion in assets since its inception in 2004. It has also created more than $200 million in properties for its institutional partners, individual investors, and principals.

Patrick Carroll Properties

M. Patrick Carroll has been located in Miami Beach after acquiring a new residence for $16.3 million. The residence is luxurious and has everything you would look for.

Patrick Carroll Investments

Patrick Carroll Net Worth

Patrick bought three property management firms in 2009, laying the groundwork for what CARROLL is today. He has grown a small initial investment into a 30,000-unit portfolio by leveraging his investment knowledge, property management, development, and construction.

Patrick Carroll’s investing thesis is based on the parameters listed below.

  • Diversification and return on equity.
  • Measuring returns based on free cash flow generated on invested equity.
  • The key source of long-term risk reduction is diversification.

He exercised 134,932 units of LXP Industrial Trust shares, totaling more than $1,021,435. Patrick has traded around 18,814 units every 71 days on average since 2003. He still owned at least 885,889 units of LXP Industrial Trust shares as of June 2, 2016.
The whole history of Mr. Carroll’s stock trades may be seen at the bottom of the page.

Patrick Carroll’s Salary

Patrick Carroll’s overall remuneration at LXP Industrial Trust is $1,433,320 as the Executive Vice President and Chief Risk Officer. T. Wilson Eglin, the top-paid executive of LXP Industrial Trust, receives the highest pay of $5,703,510.

Patrick Carroll’s Net Worth

Patrick Carroll’s net worth is estimated at least $15.3 million. Mr. Carroll holds over 134,932 units of LXP Industrial Trust stock valued at over $9,470,153, and he has sold LXP stock for over $4,386,728 in the previous 19 years. In addition, he earns $1,433,320 as Executive Vice President and Chief Risk Officer at LXP Industrial Trust.

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