Saweetie Top 4 Songs, Ranked

top 4 saweetie songs

Diamonté Harper is famously known by her stage name Saweetie. She was born on July 2, 1993. An American rapper and singer, Saweetie has successfully created a career for herself. Her music style is very famous and has gained a lot of audience in recent years. Today, we are rounding up the Top 4 Saweetie songs that should be on your playlist. The artist is very popular and has given many hits. She has also played in various venues and festivals. The artist has collaborated with various artists and has appeared on various tours.

Saweetie’s Top 4 songs

Without further ado, let’s get into the article. Here are the top 4 songs by the artist.

4. Back to the streets (2020)

This peppy number by the artist seems very dear to her heart. This captured the initial homecoming for the artist when she went to the streets after her first success. It was a huge hit and had a very high emotional value for the artist. The song beautifully captures that instant pride and euphoria after visiting the places she once used to visit. The places and the people are all feeling awe for the artist since now she has gained success and money.

3. Fast (2021)

The song has multiple layers and can be viewed from various perspectives. The song is not about selflessness. It is refreshing to see such strong lyrics from a woman singer. The lyrics talk about how it is important to take a front seat in life in various parts of your life. Strong lyrics about how she keeps herself in the front seat are inspiring—no doubt this is a Saweetie top 4 songs of all time. The music video for the song was also a huge hit and helped gain an audience for the song.


If it was not evident from the song’s title, it uses a lot of slang. The lyrics are similar to the before-mentioned song back to the streets. It talks about the initial success and fame of an artist. The song quickly turns dark when it touches upon the hollow life of the glamour world. The life and the loneliness were having manicures and pedicures are not the cure anymore—the lonely life of an artist and how it affects them overall.

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1. Sway with me

Top 4 Saweetie songs and the winner will always sway with me. Other than the musical name of the song, which will make your body sway just at the mention of the song. It was a huge hit on TikTok and reels. The song and the music video boast a hedonistic lifestyle where life is celebrated in all its glory. The music video is very vibrant and very stylistic by the artist. The rhythm and the lyrics all fuse and make a very memorable lyric that will surely make you sway with dance.

That was it on Top 4 Saweetie songs. Stay tuned for more such content!

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