Kate McKinnon: Net worth and earnings

kate mckinnon net worth

Kate McKinnon is an American actress and comedian famous for her roles in various movies. Kate is a well-established comedian who is known for having a dig at other celebrities. Her parodies about mimicking other celebrities are very spot-on and fun. She is known for variety shows and her appearance in various sketches. We are going to reveal Kate McKinnon Net worth in this article today. She got her first break from the show “The Big Gay Sketch Show”, where she did some hilarious acts and sketches. She has great comedic timing and is among the best comedians today.

Kate was born on Jan 6, 1984. She had a very keen interest in music from a young age. The now comedian could have been a singer for all we know! But she developed a keen interest in comedy when she staged an act of the Queen of England in 5th grade. The English accent she used to mimic the queen was spot on, and she was liked and praised by all. This kicked her out to pursue a career in comedy.

Kate McKinnon’s Net Worth

As mentioned above, Kate started her journey of becoming a comedian on the hit show The Big Gay Sketch Show. She was a regular cast member for three seasons on the show. During this time, she also staged various gigs and shows around New York City. This was also when Kate started preparing for her career as a voice actor. Her most notable works included works like ”The Venture Bros,” “Robotomy,” and “Ugly Americans.”

By 2009, she was an established comedian receiving awards like the New best comic female. In her career as a voice actor, Kate has voiced characters in famous shows like “The Simpsons”, “Nature Cat”, “Family Guy,” and “Magic School Bus”. Her breakthrough career move was appearing on Saturday Night Live, where she became famous for her impression of Hillary Clinton.

Kate McKinnon- Saturday Night Live Earnings

Although the exact salary of Kate McKinnon is never revealed publicly for a show. But it can be estimated that her earnings must be decent looking at the time she has spent on the show. A guest who has spent a long time on the show receives around $25,000 per episode. The net worth of Kate McKinnon comes largely from her role and sketches on Saturday Night Live. Apart from that, it is a very prestigious platform to have in one’s career. According to our sources, Kate McKinnon’s earnings from one year of Saturday Night Live is about $525,000.

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The Net Worth of Kate McKinnon

Looking at her career overall and her growth throughout the years, it can be safely said that the comedian has a decent empire. Kate McKinnon’s net worth is about $9 Million as of now. This also includes the various brand endorsements she does include for the brand Ford Focus. That was it on Kate McKinnon’s net worth. Stay tuned to Weird News Ledger for more such updates!

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