Who is Sean Hannity dating?

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Sean Hannity is one of the most popular hosts on Fox News right now. He is a conservative political commentator and a very famous talk show host. Hannity has been with Fox since 2009 and now hosts his talk show on the platform. The Sean Hannity show host was born on 30th Dec 1961. He also hosts a commentary show titled Hannity on Fox news. Sean Hannity’s dating news has always been in the news, where people wondered who the host was dating. Hannity started his career as a radio host and even had his show which was aired weekly. However, the show was postponed in the first year itself due to some controversy.

Suppose you are also one of those people who likes to keep tabs on people’s dating life. Then you are at the right place. In the article ahead, we will reveal who this star host is currently dating the moment—more on his mystery woman and who the host is dating.

Who is Sean Hannity dating?

Sean Hannity has recently separated from his wife, Jill Rhodes. They have been married for about 25 years and are rumored to have separated on good terms. Sean Hannity is currently said to be dating Ainsley Earhardt. The couple was rumored to have begun dating soon after Hannity divorced his wife. They made their relationship official in 2019. And things seem to go quite well for the couple since then. The couple’s first official public appearance was at a party in 2020. Earhardt hosted a party from the basement of Hannity’s long island basement. The couple has never mentioned officially that they are dating, but they are also not careful enough to be seen in public. Given that Hannity and his girlfriend are talk show hosts, it is safe to assume that love blossomed on the show’s set for two.

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Who is Sean Hannity dating?

Ainsley Earhardt is the lucky lady dating Sean Hannity right now. She is also a talk show host with a journalism degree from South Carolina. She also had her Talk show called Fox and Friends. She has also been a co-host on shows like “Fox and Friends Weekend,” “Fox’s All-American New Year’s Eve,” and “America’s News Headquarters.” Earhardt’s relationship status before Hannity was also quite a thing. She had been married two times before Sean Hannity dating. The talk show host married Kevin McKinney and, after five years, took a divorce.

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Is Sean Hannity on good terms with his ex-wife?

Unlike many other couples, the split between Hannity and his wife is quite amicable. The two are often seen together as a family with their children. Besides the children, Rhodes’ brother works as a tech on Hannity’s talk show. The two have often reported their mutual split and that they will remain good friends. Sean Hannity’s dating will not be complete without mentioning that the man is still on good terms with his ex-wife.

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