Career, Controversies & Personal Life: Gretchen Fullido Boyfriend

Gretchen Fullido is a Filipina anchor and model. She was brought into the world on 4 June 1984. As of late, the popular anchor authoritatively lauded pet-accommodating shopping centers. Likewise, she requested that pet people be more dependable. Also, on 10 October, she posted an Instagram photo with her sweet little canine Simba. They looked charming together at the shopping center. She was attempting to finish their task list. In addition, she raised her perspective about pet-accommodating shopping centers. She said she was delighted to have a pet-accommodating shopping center in her city. Adding that, she trusts the Philippines will have all the more such foundations. Gretchen is an empathetic and cherishing individual. She is worried about individuals being mindful of animal people. We additionally couldn’t imagine anything better than to realize who Gretchen Fullido’s Boyfriend is in 2021? In the interim, in this article, we will cover insights concerning Fullido’s relationship and vocation. Continue to peruse to thoroughly understand her.

As we have set up, Gretchen Fullido is a renowned anchor that has a place with Filipina. The anchor finished her graduation from the University of Philippines Diliman. Other than being an anchor and model, Fullido is additionally a Broadcaster. Throughout everyday life, she fostered an interest in creatures and natural government assistance right off the bat. Afterward, Gretchen Fullida turned into a natural backer. Presently, she chips away at TV Petrol. It is a broadcast created by ABC-CBN in the Philippines. Presently we realize who is Gretchen Fullido, and we should discover who the Philippines anchor dating is?

Who is Gretchen Fullido’s Boyfriend?

Gretchen Fullido’s beau in 2021 is Simon Greatwich. The news is viewed as gossip. So we can’t say without a doubt in case they are dating. Simon is a British-Filipino football player. What’s more, he plays for Azkals. The player Is the originator of g8academy. It is a football foundation. Likewise, he is in association with Almacen Poblacion, Loft bistro, and Studio 28. As of late, he astonished his better half Gretchen Fullido with an unexpected visit. Later Simon posted an image of them together on Instagram and inscribed it. Gretchen was so stunned. It resembled she had seen an apparition. The anchor had no clue about the unexpected she planned to get. Likewise, she was more satisfied to see him than she was stunned.

Gretchen has likewise purportedly said that she is single. She made a similar case in 2017 when the Hollywood entertainer Hugh Jackman was seen showing interest in her. This was when Fullido talked with Hugh Jackman on Star Patrol. On the show, Jackman requested the anchor’s consent to pose an inquiry. At the point when she said OK, Hugh inquisitively got some information about her marital status. It was sure about the show that Hugh Jackman discovered Gretchen extremely appealing. Additionally, she is viewed as the most excellent Philippines TV anchor.

About Gretchen Fullido’s vocation

Fullido made her introduction in 2010. She began her vocation with The Filipino channel. Here she was the anchor in the TV Patrol show. She was the substitution of Phoemela Barranda. Phoemela is a Filipina entertainer, model, and amusement anchor. However, the explanation for her substitution isn’t known. Since beginning on TV Petrol in 2010, Gretchen Fullido has chipped away at the show till now.

The anchor has facilitated many games. In UAAP Season ’76, she revealed the score of the game. Also, which stars went to the occasion. Season 76 was carried on in the year 2013. Then, at that point, she facilitated another Celebrity Basketball Match. Gretchen was found in the match showtime fourth commemoration unique. Here she was perceived and acquired a shot at visitor appearance at the drawn-out festival.


Gretchen Fullido recorded an inappropriate behavior protest against Cheryl Favila and Maricar Asprey. The two of them are chief and section makers of ABC-CBN. Likewise, Fullido documented a protest against Marie Lozano. Marie didn’t get it well. He discolored her standing, blaming her for counterfeit charges. He said Gretchen utilized the provocation protest as an influence. Furthermore, she needed to stand firm on her footing at the ABC-CBN organization.

As per Fullido, the two leaders sent her inappropriate messages. Likewise, I asked her for sexual blessings. Furthermore, when Gretchen called them out, they made her work life hard at TV Petrol. Afterward, the anchor blamed Drilon for casualty disgracing. Drilon said Fullido had the right to be badgering. He added this happened because she was ready to wear a two-piece for the show’s advancement.

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