8 Best Anime Like Shiguang Dailiren

The idea of time travel is the same old thing. For quite a long time, the idea has been utilized in dream and science fiction works the same. In any case, are individuals consistently happy with all shows that include the concept of time travel? Not actually. Individuals look for assortment when it boils down to such dream ideas. So when Shiguang Dailiren went along, individuals saw its uniqueness and abandoned their hearts for it. The show has been very famous for some time now. On the off chance that you watched it, you most likely know how well it has been made and how amazingly it finished. Is it accurate to say that you are currently longing for a more comparable substance – more anime like Shiguang Dailiren?

Otherwise called Link Click, Shiguang Dailiren is a unique Chinese anime. The show was enlivened under Studio LAN and was created by Haoliners Animation League and Bilibili. Funimation subsequently authorized it for worldwide delivery. The anime circulated recently on 30 April 2021 and ran for 11 scenes. Inside these scenes, it enthralled the hearts of a few fans. Since the anime has finished, we should search for anime like Shiguang Dailiren to gorge as the night progressed.

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

The plot and the characters of this story need legitimate investigation to comprehend why it is an anime like Shiguang Dailiren. It’s with regards to a young lady who continues to go once more into the past again and again so she can keep time. In any case, she will also learn in this interaction that it is more desirable to look forward and into the future instead of pursuing the past. She has two dearest companions who wind up giving a more excellent shape to the plot even though they aren’t in the focal center. Their names are Chiaki and the extremely obliging Kousuke.

The fantastic plot is made to wake up through excellent activity. The scenes have been given wide subtleties; there are lovely cityscapes and standard components behind the scenes. The characters in this show have liquid advancement. Notwithstanding, the subtleties do not have a radiance to a degree. The soundtrack is hauntingly excellent, and there is a flighty closure topic.


The show’s story shows Naho Takamiya, who starts the excursion with some disquiet on the primary day of her sophomore year. In the first place, she wakes us very late. Second, she gets a letter that was addressed to her by somebody mysterious. Later she discovers that the letter was composed by, as a matter of fact, herself. It’s from 10 years ahead later on. At first, Naho was doubtful with regards to whatever was going on.

Nonetheless, she sees that the letter portrays a few occasions that happen for the day. Accordingly, she understands that the letter was, without a doubt, from her future self. Generally speaking, you will see the qualities of Orange foreplayed in the most intelligent manners. It takes certain things that are ignored overall (for example, secondary school romedy and time travel storylines). It transforms them totally into these extremely intriguing and connecting with plotlines, making it one more anime like Shiguang Dailiren you should watch.


One of the most significant and best secret anime series to have at any point been made; erased is the thing that you ought to watch straightaway in case you are searching for anime like Shiguang Dailiren. The show accompanies time travel, however, in the most cunning way. It is loaded up with a secret, which might even reason your hair to fall. Eradicated is not a typical anime. The plot is highly intriguing, filling your psyche with a few inquiries as you search for the black sheep alongside the hero. If you presently can’t seem to watch the show, we suggest you watch it soon because you will acknowledge what you are passing up whenever you have watched it!

Re:Zero: Starting Life in Another World

Whenever thought about my point of view, the current universe of activity is starting to zero in additional on a shallow standpoint instead of making anime that has its delightful inventiveness and exceptional meticulousness. This can likewise be the motivation behind why the crowd is so unsatisfied on occasion and continually on the quest for something inventive and reviving. Consequently, it will undoubtedly explode into an amazingly mainstream show when they ran over something like Re: Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu. Why? Since the show is about unexpected special developments and gives the depleted kind another importance. Make proper acquaintance with a show you will adore since you like anime like Shiguang Dailiren.

Notwithstanding, we can’t say that development is the lone acceptable quality this anime has. Indeed, there are a few other excellent characteristics that merit turning upward to. For example, the plot’s detail is assembled, a healthy cast can shape an essential anime into an epic one. So a definitive inquiry is: Does Re: Zero makes an epic anime? I think it thoroughly does, but that is not because everything in the storyline makes it fascinating. This additionally incorporates a servant who can mystically satisfy each man’s cravings, except the hero, who is by all accounts sincerely tested.

Tokyo Revengers

Given Ken Wakui’s manga turned out an unstable hit. The hero winds up in his past in his supplication to save his ex. Right away look, it resembles an unoriginal thought. Time travel shows scarcely at any point go right. However, Tokyo Revengers was a long way from being one of those shows. The anime promptly develops a chain of occasions that are both fascinating and frustratingly fantastically made. If you love Shiguang Dailiren, there’s a high possibility you might get snared to Tokyo Revengers since it is amusing, engaging, and loaded up with a secret. The hero is extraordinary and hangs out severally. This isn’t a romantic tale nor a vengeance story. This is a story where bonds are tried, and blamelessness is tested.

Sakurada Reset

Perhaps the most misjudged diamonds of the anime world, Sakurada Reset has the right to be more mainstream. Notwithstanding, regardless of its outstanding qualities, the show has gotten some reaction from anime fans who have had various suppositions. The show has been named exhausting, dull, slow, and surprisingly passionate by a few pundits, yet I don’t think so, considering that it probably has the best merits. Anyway, what makes Sakurada Rest sparkle regardless of all the cruel treatment? Indeed, first off, not at all like most anime shows which fail to remember the motivation behind the show sometime later, Sakurada Reset doesn’t fail to recognize the plot. One way or another, it figures out how to extend the thought it initially started with throughout the show. The consistency of the plotline is past excellent.

The tale of Sakurada Reset anime centers around Kei Asai, who lives in Sakurada, an Oceanside city/town where children are brought into the world with new and bizarre capacities. At some point, on the housetop of his school, Asai meets with an emotionless young lady who can reset everything around her as long as three days earlier. Nobody in the town comes to know when she resets anything, not even Haruki, however our hero, Kei, can hold all that she resets, which is his capacity. His capacity is additionally called visual memory. Together, Kei and the young lady, with their consolidated forces, become sufficiently able to help somebody, and soon they join the assistance club to help others in the town.


Charlotte is a beautiful anime that describes Yuu, who can remove the capacities of others, yet he, when all is said and done, is uninformed of that. He likewise can control others at his will for a specific timeframe. Before long, he gets busted by sure understudies who drive him into utilizing his force, and he gets enlisted into a school where individuals with heavenly capacities were instructed.

The vile school, nonetheless, needs more such understudies. This is why Yuu chooses to eliminate the capacities from that load of individuals who were capacity clients. During the time spent doing as such, he should dispose of deterrents. With the great storyline and exceptional artistry, Charlotte develops the characters individually top to bottom to fulfill its crowd impeccably. Are you searching for an anime like Shiguang Dailiren? Why not check Charlotte out?

Vivy Fluorite Eye’s Song

The plotline is committed to AIs who are set on eradicating making and keeping in mind that doing as such, the subsequent massacre fills the air with the smell of death: consumed bodies and spilled new blood. To support this cataclysm from truly happening once more, a researcher chooses to put everything on a leftover from an earlier time. The series has all you require for a hit show: smooth sequencing of liveliness, a substantial advancement of characters, activity, dramatization, a soundtrack that can make your day, and a plot that, even with openings, is by all accounts persuading enough.

Do whatever it takes not to overthink the plot since that will make you lose the diversion and rush this series has available for you. The magnificence of this story is the hidden secret encompassing Vivy. You might think that it is absurd when the AI chooses to save the world through time travel or the gigantic execution of humanity. Yet, make due because this is the way the series will be pleasant for you since you’re searching for anime like Shiguang Dailiren!

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