Billboard: Official Hige Dandism ‘Cry Baby’ Chart-in 11th week, the first anime

Official Hige, the opening theme of the TV anime “Tokyo Revengers,” on the Billboard JAPAN anime chart “JAPAN HOT Animation” released on July 21, 2021 (aggregation period: July 12 to July 18, 2021).

The man dism ‘s “Cry Baby” won first place. “Cry Baby,” which has been in the top 3 for ten weeks since it first appeared at No. 2 on this chart released on May 12, has been streamed due to the response of terrestrial TV performance, and it is the 11th week of chart-in. And finally took the lead. Streaming also recorded the top spot for the first time, with downloads, video playback, and radio ranked second. Twitter and karaoke ranked fifth, with other indicators maintaining good performance. In 2nd place, “U” of millennium parade x Belle, the central theme of the movie “Belle and the Princess of Belle,” appears for the first time.

This song, sung by Yoshiho Nakamura, who was in charge of the voice of the main character of the movie, will be digitally distributed from July 12, and with the release of the film, download 1st, radio 1st, Twitter 3rd, streaming 5th, video Recorded 6th place in playback. According to the box office news agency, “Ryu to Soba Kasumi no Hime” mobilized 600,000 spectators and exceeded the box office revenue of 890 million yen in three days, ranking first in the movie rankings. “U” will be released as a CD package on August 18. YOASOBI’s “Monster” (opening of the TV anime “BEASTARS”), which was number one last week, followed in number three, followed by the game app “Ensemble Stars!” !! ] From Crazy: B’s “Ariadne at your fingertips” is charted in.

The first week, it sold 58,606 CDs, ranked 1st in CD sales, 4th in downloads, 5th in the lookup of CD readings, and 7th in Twitter. The other day it broke through million sales now Man’s “Grandeur” TV anime “Black Clover” opening song) showed excitement centered on SNS, ranked 1st on Twitter, 1st on lookups, 4th on CD sales, and ranked 13th to 8th last week, 19 Comeback to the top 10 for the first time in a week. Also, the TV anime “Love Live! “Swinging!” Sung by QU4RTZ from ” Nijigasaki Gakuen School Idol Club ” has appeared for the first time in 10th place with 2nd place in CD sales, 3rd place in lookup, 6th place in Twitter, and 17th place in download.

Top 10 1st place “Cry Baby” Official Beard Man dism 2nd place “U” millennium parade x Belle 3rd place “Monster” YOASOBI 4th ​​place “Ariadne at your fingertips” Crazy: B 5th place “Flame” LiSA 6 Place “Kaikai Kitan” Eve 7th place “Niji” Masaaki Sagada 8th place “Grandeur” Snow Man 9th place “Senkou” [Alexandros] 10th place “Swinging!” QU4RTZ

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