Tokyo Revengers manga confirms entering its final arc

The Tokyo Revengers manga is a hit in its anime series. However, it seems that the play has just started its last story arc overall.

The next arc of the Tokyo Revengers manga will be the last. Ken Wakui’s sci-fi and juvenile delinquency story has been one of the most compelling releases since it first debuted in Kodansha’s Weekly Shonen magazine in 2017.

The Japanese series has further exploited its success, thanks to the debut of its anime adaptation as part of the spring 2021 premieres. While the anime is just getting things started for Takemichi Hanagaki, the series’ original manga launch really put the main character on the buzzer in some unexpected ways.

Now, it seems that the manga is preparing for the end. In La Verdad Noticias we share everything we know about the Tokyo Revengers manga and its new arc confirmed by Ken Wakui.

Tokyo Revengers manga and its final arc

As noted through various online reports and with the release of chapter 207 of the manga in Japan, Tokyo Revengers has officially started its new arc, but it has also started what is considered the final arc of the series in general.

There are more details on how this new arc begins and what it covers, but it does come with some major spoilers about the future of the series. Spoiler Warning! We remind you that you can read the manga on Kodansha.

The series team saw Takemichi work his way into the past to prevent the Tokyo Manji gang from evolving into the terrible group that he eventually becomes. This group eventually ordered the death of his high school girlfriend, and so Takemichi embarked on a mission through time to save her.

But in his travels through time and life with the Toman group, he decides to save as many as he can through several different jumps. Takemichi seemed like he was finally successful before chapter 200 of the series, but his happy ending together with Hinata Tachibana had a dark shadow on it.

Although he loves Hinata, he also became very close to Toman’s former leader, Manjiro “Mikey” Sano. In this new future that sets off the final arc, Takemichi learns that Mikey has taken a dark and violent path.

Takemichi then tries to go back in time but must find another way back as Hinata’s brother Naoto no longer has the desire to change the future as he did before. Recall that episode 6 of the anime featured more of Mikey.

Confronting Mikey himself in the present (who is now the leader of a new dark group called Bonten), Mikey attempts to kill Takemichi and then himself. When Takemichi saves him from his attempt, their two joined hands send Takemichi back in time once more.

It seems that this time the story of Tokyo Revengers will be about how Takemichi wants to save Mikey from his future (something the series has played with in the past), and he will do everything he can to save his best friend.

This could be the final arc, but considering how long the previous arc took, it could be a long time before the series ends. What do you think? Ready to see the end of the Tokyo Revengers manga?

Where to see the anime Tokyo Revengers?

Fans of the Tokyo Revengers manga can watch the 24-episode anime on the Crunchyroll platform. Given the length of the original work, Linden Films (animation studio) could already be working on season 2.

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