June’s Netflix anime includes “Record of Ragnarok” and “Otherworld Detective Tresse”

Netflix announces a lineup of anime works to be delivered in June. In addition to the worldwide exclusive distribution of the popular manga “Record of Ragnarok” and the original anime “Otherworld Detective Tresse” from the Philippines, “Fly Me to the Moon” will be released in sequence.

“Walkure of the End” is a cumulative circulation of 6 million by Shinya Umemura (original), Fukuitakumi (composition), and Ajichika (drawing) serialized in the core mix “Monthly Comic Zenon”. Based on the comic of the same name that broke through the club. The “Humanity Survival Conference” is held in heaven once every 1000 years, with gods from all over the world coming together. Immediately before the unanimous decision of “the end” was made due to the stupid deeds that humankind had affected, Brynhildr, one of the demigods and half-human war maidens “Valkyrie”, disputed and the final struggle of God VS humanity ” “Ragnarok” will be held. Representatives selected from the gods of the world and all humankind in history will play the 13th game on a one-on-one basis, and the one who wins seven first wins. Can human beings surpass God and prevent the end !? The “Otherworld Detective Tresse”, which will also be exclusively distributed worldwide, will be distributed from June 11th. An animated series from the Philippines based on comics, set in Manila, the capital of the Philippines. Female detective Alexandra Trese confronts the underworld where creatures with evil powers move. The featured anime delivered in June is “Fly Me to the Moon” based on the comedy manga by Kenjiro Hata , the author of “Hayate the Combat Butler! ” (Started delivery on June 1st). Yuzaki Starry Sky ( Nasa)) Is helped by a beautiful girl when she is about to be run over by a truck one night, and she has a lifetime of nine deaths. When Hoshizora, who fell in love with a beautiful girl who didn’t even know her name, applied for dating immediately, she replied, “If you want to get married .” and left. Two years later, the beautiful girl suddenly appeared in front of the 18-year-old starry sky and offered a marriage notification .!? A popular girl based on Yoko Kamio , who caused a social boom with live-action dramas and movie hits. The first to 26th episodes of the manga “Boys Over Flowers” will also be released on June 1st. In addition, episodes 31-35 of “Dragon Quest Dai no Daibouken” will be released on June 6th. “Crayon Shin-chan Newlyweds Trip Hurricane -Lost Hiroshi-” will be released on June 13th. Netflix is ​​currently broadcasting the latest episodes of spring anime, which began airing in April, every week. As a featured anime, “Tokyo Revengers” (delivered in the latest episode every Sunday), “A Silent Voice”, where the useless freeter Hanagaki Martial Arts, whose lover was killed, slipped back in time at the peak of his life in junior high school and swore to revenge his life. of large now when good was the comics by the original “immortal to you” (every Tuesday latest episode delivery), completely new similar “SSSS.GRIDMAN” of broadcasting 2018, the special effects drama “Denkou Choujin Gridman” was the original ” SSSS.DYNAZENON ”(latest episode delivered every Friday) and so on

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