Japanese anime Demon Slayers Blade hits red in anti-epidemic recovery, missing family and friendship (Mao Feng)

The animated film “Demon Slayer: Blade”, adapted from the manga of the same name, topped the box office chart of Japanese film history, setting many records. It awakens the social value of punishing evil and promoting good and brings rare joy and courage to the Japanese people trapped by the epidemic.

Japanese anime film “Demon Slayer: Blade. “Infinite Train” was released in Tokyo for less than three months, and its box office revenue broke the record in 19 years, surpassing the animation master Hayao Miyazaki’s “Spirited Away”, and the number of viewers is equivalent to the total population of Japan. A quarter. The circulation of the original manga exceeded 120 million copies, which is equivalent to one copy per person in Japan.

Why does “Blade of Ghost Slayer” have such strong popularity? From the analysis of social psychology, the reason why the animation film has set off a rare social upsurge and is universally welcomed by children and adults is that it inadvertently initiated the increasingly numb affection and friendship between Japanese families and people, and ignited people to cherish family trust, Partners trust and overcome the difficult fire of confidence. In the troubled times of the “New Crown Curse”, this kind of trust, trust, and confidence has become a spiritual inspiration. Japanese people have brought masks to the theater to watch “Demon Slayer”, regaining the warmth and strength of family and friendship.

Animated movie “Blade of Ghost Slayer. “The Infinite Train” is adapted from the seventh to eighth volumes of the comic series “The Blade of Demon Slayer” created by the up-and-coming cartoonist Wutou Koshiharu and is the undertaking of the TV cartoon “Samomon Tanjirou. The story after “Resolve”, “Infinite Train”, is the latest theatrical version of the series. Directed by Haruo Sotozaki, it mainly tells that the protagonist Tanjiro’s parents and families were killed by cannibals, and the surviving sister Kamen Nidou also became a ghost. In order to find her sister and transform her into a human again, Tanjirou joined the ghost killing team and started a fierce battle with ghost boss Guimai Tsuji. After completing the training at the Butterfly House, Tanjiro and his entourage came to the infinite train of the next mission and went with the strongest swordsman Yanzhu of the ghost killing team. Apricot Shero of Purgatory joined together to investigate the bizarre incident of more than forty people missing on the train in a short period of time. This led to a desperate showdown with many demons in the infinite train, and at the same time brought his sister back to the world.

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