Classic Anime and Garfield, the new Pluto TV channels

Pluto TV is one of the few platforms that allow us to access a good number of channels without having to pay. However, it is clear that these kinds of services will multiply over the years. For example, Rakuten TV will offer 90 free channels available 24 hours a day.

And almost in response to that announcement just a few days ago, now those responsible for this proposal have done what they do best: add more content to continue being attractive.

This is how Classic Anime and Garfield arrive, the new Pluto TV channels that will be available from next week, and more specifically from Monday 17. Obviously, in this particular case, it seems that efforts are being made to attract the attention of the little ones.

Having obtained the official license from Luk Internacional for both channels, those who have this application will be able to enjoy classic anime such as Keroro, Kochikame, or Ninja Hattori, without forgetting the traditional Garfield cat and his friends series.

During March, we had already witnessed the steady growth of Pluto TV’s channel grid, with the addition of Investiga, Clubbing TV, Teen Mom, Wipeout, and Loupe. Everything indicates that this trend will continue in the following months, adding reasons to contract the product.

Let us remember, on the other hand, that Pluto TV is accessible on Apple TV, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, Samsung TV +, Chromecast, and mobile devices, reaching thousands of users.

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