8 Ranked Strongest Blood-Consuming Villains In Anime

Parasitic beasts have been a staple in fiction, terrifying crowds for quite a long time. These vampiric scoundrels from anime will turn sour anybody’s blood!

In anime, a fast and simple approach to show how underhanded the scoundrels are is to give them a preference for human blood. Obviously, vampires are likely the most acclaimed illustration of bloodsuckers in anime, if not all fiction all in all. Notwithstanding vampires, anime is known to now and then depict certain yokai, oni, and even witches as having a hunger for blood. Indeed, even jiangshi, Chinese zombies that are generally avoided by blood, are here and there depicted as bloodsuckers in certain accounts themselves.

Far more terrifying than beasts are human scoundrels who have built up a preference for blood. As a general rule, this is on the grounds that they need to embarrass the saint who they’ve crushed in battle. Different occasions, they lose themselves in the warmth of the fight and end up taking on way too much… in a real sense.

8. One Piece: Rob Lucci Is As Blood Thirsty As A Leopard

Ransack Lucci is an enemy in the One Piece establishment who, on account of the Devil Fruit, has the ability to change into a panther.

In addition to the fact that this forms make it simple for him to draw blood, he appears to have an affection for the stuff. He was once shown licking the blood off his paws in the wake of utilizing them to penetrate Luffy.

7. Inuyasha: Even The Other Moth Yokai Thinks Gatenmaru Is Creepy

Blood utilization isn’t characteristically malevolent in the Inuyasha universe as Myoga, a well disposed little bug yokai, is treated as a simple aggravation. Also, he proves to be useful when somebody needs poison depleted out of them. Mosquito and bat yokai are additionally known to drink blood, yet the “great” ones are known to incline toward creature blood over human blood.

All things considered, a lot of miscreants use it for customs and drinking. Gatenmaru is one of the more remarkable, being a moth yokai who can benefit from blood utilizing his long tongue. He is even known to deplete ladies dry. Other moth yokai, including Gatenmaru’s own sibling, discover this propensity horrendous, suggesting that it is anything but a need for his animal varieties. Most broadly, Gatenmaru was nauseating to the point that he terrified Inuyasha out of needing to be a full yokai.

6. Shaman King: Boris Tepes Dracula Isn’t A Vampire But Still Acts Like One

Boris Tepes Dracula is supposed to be an inaccessible relative of the authentic Dracula. He is truth be told not a vampire. In actuality, his family’s principle objective is seeking retribution on mankind for dealing with them like vampires.

Incidentally, his retribution plot includes professing to be a vampire and utilizing his shamanic forces to turn out to be more vampiric, to the fact of the matter he’s ready to deplete blood. He does it utilizing his bat wings, transforming his casualties into dust. He was additionally shown gnawing Lyserg’s neck. At last, he is pierced by Archangel Michael.

5. My Hero Academia: Himiko Toga Is Really Into Blood

Himiko Toga is the delightful individual from the League of Villains. She is fairly fixated on blood, being appeared to through and through desire it. Her veil even accompanies needles that help her draw blood.

It turns out her Quirk expects her to ingest an individual’s blood to take on their appearance. This may be a holler to the courageous woman of Tokimeki Tonight, a vampiric otherworldly young lady who could change into anybody she chomps. Stain, who has the Bloodcurdle Quirk, additionally needs to benefit from his casualty’s blood for his forces to work. In contrast to Himiko, he isn’t appeared to really hunger for it.

4. Naruto: Hidan Needs Blood To Keep His Immortality

Numerous Naruto characters appear to have an affection for blood. Take for instance Anko who licks the blood off of an open injury all over after an assault. Hidan is one portion of the Zombie Pair and needs to get blood from his objectives to assault them by shaping a connection between his body and theirs. Blood additionally seems to assist him with keeping up his eternality and he’ll become mortal again in the event that he quits slaughtering. While he can endure a decapitation dissimilar to a genuine vampire, it ends up being his definitive fixing.

3. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Dio Brando Pairs Blood With Red Wine

Dio Brando is one of the principle opponents of the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure establishment. He’s a vampire, so human blood is a characteristic delicacy for him. All things considered, he wouldn’t fret a glass of red wine to oblige it. Vampires are a precarious subject in this arrangement. Their teeth are for the most part tasteful as they channel blood with their hands. Blood isn’t actually a need for them, however it empowers them to recover, recuperating wounds and looking after youth. While they can transform others into individual vampires, they favor transforming their casualties into careless zombies.

2. Dark Clover: The Witch Queen Uses Blood Magic To Control and Create Blood

The Witch Queen utilizes Blood Magic in our current reality where each character can use an alternate component, permitting her to both make and control blood, yet her forces are not as direct as it appears. In the feeling of utilizing blood in a real sense, she’s ready to control and even exchange others’ blood for a portion of her spells. Then again, she really has the ability to make blood and use it to recuperate, viably making her something contrary to a vampire.

1. Frieza: If Blood Just Happens To Get On Him, He’ll Lick It Up

Frieza is perhaps the most celebrated antagonists of the Dragon Ball establishment and quite possibly the most acclaimed lowlifess in anime history. Frieza doesn’t effectively search for blood to drink, yet he appears to make the most of his rivals getting wicked when confronting them in a battle. What’s more, if some blood gets all over, he will not spare a moment to lick it off. That is one approach to enjoy a triumph.

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