What Happens After The Anime of Demon SLayer?

Bounty occurs in the Demon Slayer manga after the anime. This should reveal to you all you need to know.

The darling arrangement Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba has arrived at its end, after effectively getting perhaps the most mainstream anime arrangement on the planet. Devil Slayer achieved in recounting an exciting story that had dynamic and adorable characters, that battled with powers of fiendishness and endure endless preliminaries of misfortune and languishing. While numerous fans are pitiful to have the arrangement end, there is a motivating future indicated in the show’s last minutes.

Any individual who watches anime sees that it is so hard to appropriately complete an arrangement in a manner that doesn’t raise a ruckus, Demon Slayer figured out how to close the last section with a tranquil and confident future for the adored characters in the arrangement.

7.Chapter 204

The finale of Demon Slayer was delivered into two separate parts, Chapter 204 and 205 individually. Part 204 is the standard finish to the arrangement, permitting the fans to finally accept reality from the Muzan battle and extreme devil confrontation. The occasions of the past 203 parts had driven the Demon Slayers Corp and Tanjiro into a last battle against malicious, prompting either the salvation or obliteration of the world.

6.Tanjiro’s Recovery and Muzan’s Defeat

Section 204 gets three months after the loss of the reprobate Muzan, showing Tanjiro who has figured out how to recuperate from almost being devoured as an evil presence. In spite of his glad recuperation, large numbers of the injuries achieved during the battle are as yet present on him, in particular his left arm and right eye being for all time harmed.

During this time of collaboration, Kiriya Ubuyashiki is the youthful current head of the Demon Slayers Corps and is seen holding one last gathering prior to disbanding the Corps for eternity. After ardent reunions, the part at long last closes with Tanjiro, Nezuko, Inosuke, and Zenitsu going to the Kamado family home and prompting an end board of a cutting edge Japan.

5.Chapter 205

As the last section, 205 has a decades-in length time jump into the future to show the fate of the world after the Demon Slayer Corps disbanded. “Life Shining Across The Years” presents momentarily another age of characters for fans to experience passionate feelings for. The boards open with Zenitsu’s extraordinary grandkid Yoshiteru perusing a book called “The Legend of Zenitsu”, and examining the possibility of rebirth with her sister Yoko.

This discourse leads into the different inferred resurrections of cherished characters all through the remainder of the section and has an especially confident idea from Yoshiteru. “I accept that every individual who battled evil spirits and passed on for a serene world was renewed into a more joyful life.”


In the wake of opening up the peruser to the different resurrections that would make their introduction in this part, Kanata and Sumihiko Kamado are quick to show up. By their comparative appearances to past characters, it is clear they are Kanao and Tanjiro, separately. Both are gone to class, in spite of the fact that Sumihiko snoozes while Kanata attempts to awaken his sibling.

Each board has at least one of the resurrected characters all through the section, with different characters being available like Kanroji, Kanae, Himejima, Tokito, Iguro, Hashiras Uzui, and Shinobu. The understudies notice halting by a burger joint run by Iguro and Kanroji, which approves their desire of having the option to be with one another in another life.

3.A New Life

At the point when Sumihiko at long last awakens for school and falls into difficulty on his way there alongside Tojuro, he bounces the hood of a watch vehicle with the Shinazugawa kin inside. Sumihiko’s mom gets a call about her child’s jokes, and as the call proceeds there are pictures of Tanjiro’s sword, studs, and an image of each and every individual who battled and endure the last battle against Muzan. It was this loss that set the splendid future into which every one of the characters resurrected into.

2.Bright Futures

Inosuke’s resurrection, a botanist by the name of Aoba Hasibira found the Blue Spider Lily. This Lily was crucially significant through the occasions of Demon Slayer as the mysterious planet that would have conceded Muzan an everlasting body. Yushiro is likewise envisioned as a fruitful craftsman who lives in secret, painting representations of Tamayo. Uzui was additionally clearing his own way, winning a gold decoration for Japan in the craft of aerobatic, indicating his shinobi genealogy. Kanae and Shinobu go to Sekirei Women’s Academy, and Himejima discovered accomplishment as a kindergarten instructor.

1.The Final Conclusion

Evil spirit Slayer was a story that spellbound millions and procured a spot among the most cherished anime ever. Consistently, fans stayed aware of the steady exciting bends in the road of the Demon Slayer Corps against their a huge number until the end. After the devastating loss of Muzan, it was indistinct which course maker Koyoharu Gotouge would go in given the conditions of the battle and Tanjiro’s condition and close to change. Selecting harmony was the merited closure for the characters, having the option to resurrect into the quiet world they battled and passed on for is a fitting end for Demon Slayer, one that perfectly shuts the last part with expectation and satisfaction.

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