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Kouki Uchiyama voices Miyamura in the anime Horimiya. Here are some other anime he voice acts in.

A breakout hit in Winter 2021’s arrangement of occasional anime, Horimiya presented the caring couple Kyouko Hori and Izumi Miyamura and the endearing supporting cast of their loved ones. The anime focused on Hori and Miyamura officially meeting and, notwithstanding their visible presentations, finding out around each other on a more profound level.

Fanatics of the arrangement looked as Miyamura, a survivor of tormenting all through center school and a pariah in secondary school, bloomed because of his tender relationship with Hori, eventually discovering more self-assurance and making various companions. Albeit the show has finished in the wake of adjusting the last scenes from the manga, the individuals who liked Miyamura’s voice entertainer Kouki Uchiyama might be keen on watching the unique jobs he depicts in other anime.

8.My Hero Academia: Tomura Shigaraki

Maybe coming as a stun to fans who liked the genial Miyamura, Uchiyama’s job in the fiercely well known My Hero Academia sees him featuring as the anime’s essential foe. In reality as we know it where a huge segment of the populace has created “characteristics,” a doublespeak for superpowers, prepared and authorized saints shield society from reprobates and fiascos, all things considered.

The show follows Izuku “Deku” Midoriya, a kid brought into the world without an eccentricity, and his battles to control the fantastic force he acquires from the amazing legend All Might. Shigaraki’s circular segment runs corresponding to Midoriya’s from various perspectives, particularly on account of him being the protégé of one of the world’s most noteworthy wrongdoing masters, All For One. With a consuming disdain for saint culture, Shigaraki gathers similar scalawags and decides to annihilate society in its present cycle.

7.Devilman Crybaby: Akira Fudo

In Netflix’s outwardly staggering—however polarizing—variation of Devilman Crybaby, Uchiyama voices Akira Fudo, at first a timid and saved secondary school understudy who turns into the eponymous Devilman when he consolidates with the incredible evil presence Amon. This occasion, as are numerous others, is arranged by Fudo’s cherished companion Ryo Asuka.

After converging with Amon, Fudo’s actual appearance and demeanor as a human is modified, as well; he turns out to be more athletic, sexual, and forceful, however he holds his defensive and well-intentioned heart. While there are inspiring minutes and genuinely incredible scenes, the anime basically investigates a world slipping into wicked entropy by displaying mankind’s insatiable and dangerous nature.

6.Fate/Apocrypha: Amakusa Shirou “Kotomine” Tokisada

As the Nasuverse has many wandering ways and substitute timetables, the occasions that occur and surprisingly the names of characters can be befuddling. Destiny/Apocrypha is no exemption; As the name suggests, Apocrypha happens in an other sequence that includes a Great Holy Grail War, which is basically a 7-in 7 fight between two groups of experts and their incredible workers as opposed to the conventional fight royale between people.

Amakusa Shirou, voiced by Uchiyama, is a Ruler-class worker intended to regulate Grail Wars with unbiasedness; be that as it may, he was brought through terrible methods as a warrior, endure the conflict, and took on an actual structure. In doing as such, he had the option to join the Church—regularly referees in the Grail Wars—and misuse his situation to control the occasions of Apocrypha as its essential rival.

5.Haikyuu!!: Kei Tsukishima

While Haikyuu!! is a games anime that centers around the Karasuno High men’s volleyball crew, its main impetus is without a doubt the mind boggling development and advancement its characters go through which is then considered the court. Kei Tsukishima, Karasuno’s tallest and apparently most impassive character, conceals his enthusiasm for volleyball behind dry and gnawing mockery that is superbly conveyed by Uchiyama’s voice acting.

Scornful and hostile, Tsukishima rushes to prod his partners or make light of his mix-ups with self-expostulating remarks. Underneath his humor and influenced personality, be that as it may, lies a craving to play volleyball at an undeniable level and, as the arrangement advances, Tsukishima strives for his group by making inconceivable squares and applying his shrewd astuteness to create winning procedures.

4.Hunter X Hunter: Meruem, King Of The Chimera Ants

As an anime brimming with inconceivable forces, tricky techniques, and stunning fights, Hunter x Hunter’s Chimera Ant circular segment stands apart as a fan top pick. Brought into the world from the Chimera Ant Queen, Meruem is planned to be an ideal being fit for unrivaled savagery and equipped for ruling the world for his state. Because of his status as lord and the spoiled treatment he gets, Meruem is insensitive and harbors sensations of predominance and qualification towards any remaining creatures.

It rapidly becomes clear that his capacities are comparable to his own haughty perspective on himself, as his battling ability is unparalleled. Be that as it may, while taking in procedure from playing tabletop games, the lord meets his match in a visually impaired young lady named Komugi, who shows him the blemishes in his perspective by persistently crushing him at the anecdotal game Gungi.

3.Jujutsu Kaisen: Toge Inumaki

The universe of Jujutsu Kaisen is occupied with a secret conflict against spirits that assault and pester the living. Jujutsu Sorcerers, those prepared to battle extraordinary fiendishness, use Cursed Energy to improve their actual capacities and to use powerful capacities known as Cursed Techniques. Toge Inumaki, a second-year understudy at Jujutsu High in Tokyo, is important for the anime’s supporting cast and flaunts both a peculiar methods for correspondence and releasing incredible assaults: his voice and language.

The entirety of the words Inumaki expresses are injected with Cursed Energy—a strategy known as Cursed Speech—in this way he is compelled to talk just the names of food when not fighting with an end goal to keep away from incidental damage. When in fight, Inumaki can order less incredible spirits to “detonate”; more grounded Cursed Spirits won’t handily capitulate to his forces, however he can in any case hurt or prevent his foes.

2.Astra Lost In Space: Ulgar Zweig

Occurring sooner rather than later of 2063, Astra Lost in Space follows a gathering of nine understudies who are dislodged by a great many lightyears by a secretive sphere of light. As they were wearing spacesuits at the hour of their transportation, the gathering can briefly get by inside the vacuum of room; the gathering detects an unwanted spaceship and figures out how to load up it, naming it the Astra.

Likewise with large numbers of the characters voiced by Uchiyama, Ulgar Zweig is at first gone against to demonstrations of sympathy and additionally liberality, accepting the individuals from his unrehearsed group should all perform undertakings on an individual level instead of help each other. These sentiments come from a youth saturated with misfortune and abuse, however through his time spent being mutually dependent on the other abandoned understudies, Zweig starts to conquer his issues and singular tendencies.

1.You And Me: Yuta Asaba

As the anime’s primary characters are five secondary school young men, You and Me is a cut of life that centers around the always developing nature of fellowship. Portrayed by fans as a tribute to “manly relationship,” the account follows a friend network as they adjust to new colleagues and the acknowledgment that their young, cheerful days are attracting to a nearby.

Yuta Asaba and his twin sibling Yuki give a component of familial fellowship to the gathering that fills in as a fascinating material for investigating topics of personality. Albeit emotionless, Yuta’s character is developed, as he takes care of his companions with the disposition of older sibling—a viewpoint that is educated by his situation as the senior twin.

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