Singapore plans to develop the manufacturing sector by 50% over the course of the following 10 years

Singapore needs to develop its assembling area by 50% throughout the following 10 years as it attempts to guarantee that the area keeps on adding to about a fifth of financial yield over the medium term.

This is something beyond a quantitative objective, said Trade and Industry Minister Chan Chun Sing on Monday (Jan 25), however an objective to make ready for a “subjective change” of the area with cutting edge producing making up a greater offer.

“Previously, a considerable lot of the more established age of assembling that relies upon cost intensity … will progressively be dislodged by less expensive choices in different nations,” he advised correspondents following a visit to neighbourhood exactness designing firm Univac.

“All things being equal, past the 50% increment in worth, we need to see a more prominent extent of our assembling going into cutting edge fabricating, where the opposition did not depend on expense however dependent on the protected innovation that we can create, the nature of the items and the exactness that we can accommodate the area.”

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To do as such, the Government desires to pull in more Singaporeans into the area, while proceeding to draw “boondocks ventures” into the country and prepping more nearby organizations in the territory of cutting edge producing, said Mr Chan.


Right now, fabricating represents around 21 per cent, or around S$106 billion, of Singapore’s all out (GDP).

The area employs around 450,000 labourers, or around 12 per cent of the labour force, with middle wages of around S$4,700. This is 10% higher than the economy-wide middle, said the pastor.

Mr Chan noticed that the COVID-19 pandemic has underscored the area’s significance to Singapore.

“In a COVID and a post-COVID world, having a more enhanced economy is significant for us,” he stated, highlighting how the biomedical hardware and accuracy designing sub-areas have been splendid spots in the economy a year ago because of expanded interest for their items in the midst of the pandemic.

CCS at Univac 3

A Univac representative working the Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Milling machine during a visit by Trade and Industry Minister Chan Chun Sing on Jan 25, 2021. (Photograph: Ministry of Trade and Industry)

It is likewise significant for Singapore to have “novel abilities and items”, he added.

“In the battle with COVID, 19, making sure about fundamental supplies now and again turned into a deal exchange, and may keep on being so as we see worldwide stock chains keep on being upset,” the clergyman said.

“So if individuals will sell us things regularly likewise relies upon whether we have things that others esteem, that they need to acquire past an issue of whether individuals are happy to take care of it.”


Be that as it may, it won’t be simple, said the clergyman who portrayed his most recent declaration for the area as a “stretch objective”.

Given how assembling was at that point developing at around 50% in the previous decade, the most recent objective glances at keeping up the development pattern “from a greater base” throughout the following 10 years.

“So using all means, this is a stretch objective,” he said.

There are likewise different difficulties, for example, labour.

Mr Chan stated: “In the following 10 years, we should accomplish this (development) with a lot more modest labour impression. The period whereby we can get less expensive unfamiliar labour… to enlarge the Singaporean labour force will progressively turn out to be more troublesome.

“We should do this with conceivably a more modest yet a lot greater ability pool, so we can go into the period of cutting edge producing, whereby we supplement the nearby labour force with excellent machines.”

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All things considered, the Government will increase endeavours to develop the nearby ability pipeline. Aside from overhauling the abilities of more seasoned specialists, the Government can likewise accomplish more to pull in the more youthful age.

This incorporates teaming up with the organizations of higher figuring out how to guarantee graduates are outfitted with the applicable abilities, just as supporting organizations and schools to improve vocation movement and abilities overhauling openings.

“We need to draw in more Singaporeans into assembling, across all levels and particularly in the basic jobs,” said Mr Chan, who noticed that work in the area is “not, at this point about dull assignments done in an exceptionally organized climate”.

“Truth be told today, the greatest test for the designing and progressed fabricating area is the way quick we can improve and model new items and administrations. So the difficulties are extremely fascinating,” he added.

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In the other two prongs of its methodology, the Government will keep on drawing in “boondocks speculations” to Singapore and continue to prep the abilities of nearby undertakings in cutting edge producing.

Noticing that the pandemic has quickened a large number of the problematic patterns effectively in progress in the area, Mr Chan said this is a chance for Singapore to reposition its assembling area.

“Past focusing on that stretch objective of quantitative development, all the more significantly, we need to see the subjective change of the Singapore fabricating area … where we can utilize information and the most recent processing ability to help quicken the overhaul of items and administrations, (just as) creation frameworks, so we can catch a bigger portion of the information escalated market (and) not be handily dislodged by others dependent on ease,” he said.

“While the labour force may recoil somewhat in the assembling area, the sort of work that the assembling area will give will be higher calibre (and) significantly more energizing.”


In a public statement given to the media on Monday night, the Singapore Manufacturing Federation (SMF) said the Government’s new vision for the area is testing yet essential.

“The speed for change a lot for the future in the assembling area can’t simply be driven by how the area accomplished its development in the most recent decade,” it said.

“The parts of cost intensity in agreement producing just as the simple accessibility of unfamiliar work can at this point don’t be the fundamental fixings as we look forward to what’s to come.”

This is the reason it has been urging firms to digitalise, change their plans of action to be by Industry 4.0 and assist labourers with being outfitted with important abilities since early a year ago.

In any case, a portion of its part organizations has noted challenges in recruiting and holding nearby representatives.

On this, SMF said it has been in contact with key accomplices in the Government, the private area, other exchange affiliations and chambers, just as establishments of higher learning “to advocate the interests of things to come of assembling”.

For example, it is working with schools like Republic Polytechnic and Singapore Polytechnic to have understudies serve temporary positions at the SMF.

“A large number of our individuals recognize that it is a need to change and instil digitalisation, strength and maintainability into their plans of action for assembling of things to come,” said SMF President Douglas Foo.

“The vital objectives of the 10-year plan are a test yet the SMF accepts that they are a need, and, are feasible with the brought together endeavours of various partners.”

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