New Disease in India – Andhra Pradesh Succumbed to a Mysterious Disease

India has already been suffered and still is, from the deadly Chinese virus of COVID-19. The pandemic situation all over the country has made the citizens as well as the country itself to go through a lot. The economy of the country has already been down, and lakhs of people have lost their jobs. Amidst this entire difficult and tensed scenario, a new disease has been reported in the Indian State of Andhra Pradesh.

According to the sources, the disease has been reported from the Eluru region of the state. It is said that the disease has broken out in the town about a week ago, and it is absolutely unknown to the doctors, although they are trying to detect the disease and its causes. This outbreak of the disease has been of a great shock to the local people in this ongoing pandemic situation. Many medical research teams, along with the hospitals, have been trying their best to detect the disease. The unknown disease has caused major trouble for the people living in and around the town of Eluru.

Capable doctors from the All-India Institute of Medical Sciences have also put in their efforts to find out the root cause behind this mysterious disease that has already taken the lives of so many innocent people. Initially, people that got infected from the disease had reported certain common symptoms of nausea, fits as well as falling unconscious. The doctors have said that the disease does not spread due to physical contact among people. It has been noticed that from each of the family, there has been only one person that has been diagnosed with this unknown disease. This has generated a major threat among the people in Andhra Pradesh.

What is the major cause of the disease?

As far as the doctors have found, some poisonous organic substances might have caused the disease. They are certain chemical pesticides, but nobody knows how it made their way inside the human body. It is detected that very high amounts of heavy metals like nickel and lead have been found in the blood samples of the infected patients in Eluru, Andhra Pradesh. People are being admitted to the hospital, and in most cases, they have recovered. However, nearly 450 people in Andhra Pradesh have fallen sick, and while one person has died. The expert team is still trying to get into the root cause of this unknown disease.

Some hospitals have said there they have checked patients having some additional symptoms of seizures, frothing, burning eyes, shivering, fainting, along with the other symptoms mentioned above. These symptoms were seen in the infected people only for ten to fifteen minutes, while some people had recovered only within a few minutes. The people with serious infections have been shifted to the government hospitals so that they can receive a better treatment of the disease. The joint collector of the West Godavari district, Himanshu Shukla, has told the IANS that they have sent the blood samples of the infected people to All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) in New Delhi for testing.

As suspects of contamination, milk, as well as water, has been tested to check the presence of any of these metals, but nothing has been found. Now, they think that it might be some other things. They have also included the testing of vegetables to detect whether or not they are a source, along with vegetables, sweets, and other such edible sources will be tested to find out the major cause of the mysterious disease. Till now, only this much has come to our knowledge, and we will soon update you when we receive any important information about the cause.

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