Hayabusa 2 Space Probe by Japan Will Bring Samples from Asteroids

Today in the world of Technical advances, we can reach the moon and the planets such as Mars and many others. With all the countries using technical developments, Japan has also designed a Space probe about which we are going to tell you in detail. It was one of Japan’s targets, which he has finally achieved. Read further to know about the entire article.

JAXA, which is a space agency in Japan, has announced that he wants the mission to be successful, and for this reason, they have decided to extend this mission for another 10 years to achieve its goals. The materials that are needed for experimenting would be shared among NASA, JAXA as well as some other organizations. The major target of the Japanese space agency is asteroids, and they have already started working on this project. Although the news has come up that this project involves a lot of risks. Sources say that the space probe is already present in space for 6 years, and it will cause a special delivery on earth. The name given to the space probe by the Japanese is Hayabusa 2.

The space probe launched by the Japanese is somewhat fridged sized and was launched in the year 2014 in December. The scientists have been thrilled by the landing of the space probe. It has gathered some specific information about the concerned asteroid, which is quite distant from the Earth. The main task of this Hayabusa 2 Space probe is to target asteroids and provide the scientists with all the data about those targeted asteroids. The Japanese scientists have also decided that they would extend their mission for another 10 years or more for targeting two other new asteroids. The recent asteroids that the space probe has targeted are about 300 million km away from our Earth.

Return of Hayabusa 2 Spacecraft

After being six years in space, the Hayabusa 2 space probe is finally coming back to earth. It has also been said that when it is coming back from space, it will also bring some samples of the asteroids along with it to drop it on the earth before it gets ahead with another new mission. The asteroid, whose samples have been brought to earth by the Hayabusa 2 space probe, has been named Ryugu. As per the scientists, the first samples of the rock that has been brought by the space probe from beneath the asteroid’s surface can provide them with clues to the solar system’s origin as well as our planet’s life.

The Hayabusa 2 space probe has released the rock sample in a small capsule on one of the Saturdays. The small capsule containing the rock samples of the subsurface of the world’s 1st asteroid had reached the earth’s surface several weeks after the OSIRIS-REx spacecraft by NASA had reached the surface of the earth successfully with the samples of the surface of Bennu asteroid.

On Sunday, the small capsule containing surface samples of the asteroid had re-entered the Earth’s atmosphere as a beautiful fireball, about 120 kilometers that is 75 miles, above the Earth. When the fireball had reached about 10 kilometers (6 miles) above the ground, it opened a parachute for slowing down its fall; also, it transmitted beacon signals for indicating its location.

The project manager of the Hayabusa 2 space probe, Yuichi Tsuda, had remarked that the Fireball was too beautiful to look at. The return of the capsule has been much successful, and everyone celebrated it. Come back for more such latest news about science and others related to this field.

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