Nokia’s Laptop Series Soon will be seen in India

It’s good to see you come back to us! Isn’t it amazing to see one of our favorite brands bringing us some amazing devices? Of course, the answer will always be yes! Today we are going to update you about one such brand which is about to launch their new products. We are sure that this one would absolutely excite you. So be with us to know more about what’s going to come next.

Nobody is unknown about this extremely popular brand or company, that is, Nokia. Nokia, a Finnish multinational company, serves as Information Technology, telecommunications as well as a company for consumer electronics. The company has launched the first-ever mobile phones in the year 1987. Since then, this company has earned the trust of people across the globe. Nokia has expanded its branches in different regions of the world throughout the nineteenth century. The company then took every advantage of the rising and increasing popularity of mobile phones as well as computers. It has a long list of different products. They include WiFi routers, digital audios, smart televisions, and a vast range of smartphones, laptops as well as several other operating systems.

Being one of the most well-known companies, Nokia is continuously trying to bring in innovations within their products. From 1G mobile phones to the latest smartphones, the company of Nokia has included upgradation in each and every electronic product. Recently, there have been a lot of talks all around about the company regarding their laptop series. Sources have said that along with the upgrades in every other product, the company has also brought in upgrades in their series of laptops. These upgrades will be helpful enough for the users to cope with this advanced digital world. This is confirmed by the news as spotted in the BIS listing.

Launch of a new laptop series by Nokia

Nokia Company has been working on the launching of new laptops. It could also be a new series of tablets that have been specially designed to target the markets in India. This new series by the company has received certification from BIS, Bureau of Indian Standards. They have also given the users a hint towards a close date of launch for the users. This new device could be a notebook, a laptop, or even a tablet series. Along with these series, 9 different models of this series have been said to be launched.

The launch of the series of those nine different models has been provided with their nine model numbers that have been listed at the BIS certification. Those model numbers have been listed as follows: NKi510UL82S, NKi510UL85S, NKi510UL165S, NKi510UL810S, NKi510UL1610S, NKi310UL41S, NKi310UL42S, NKi310UL82S, and NKi310UL85S. The NK in the model numbers stands for Nokia, i3, and i5 portray the reflective processors. After this, the number ’10’ that follows mentions the particular operating system, that is, Microsoft Windows 10. As per the model numbers, it suggests that 5 among the 9 laptop models by Nokia will be provided with an Intel Core processor of i5 while the remaining four have been provided with an Intel Core chipsets of i3.

Earlier also, Nokia has focused on laptops and tablets. As the name suggests, 3G support was provided to the device, and it ran on Microsoft Windows 7. This notebook, with a display of 10.1-inch, has provided a battery life of 12 hours.

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