Pokeman Go: Go Beyond – Update To Release November 30 (New Level Cap)

Pokemon Go "Go Beyond" Update To Release November 30, Level Cap Increased To 50

Today, in this article we will be talking about the Pokeman Go “Go Beyond” Update To Release November 30, Level Cap Increased To 50. Pokemon Go is a 2016 augmented reality (AR) location-based mobile game. It was developed and published by Niantic and The Pokemon Company. It was directed by Tatsuo Nomura and composed by Junichi Masuda.

It was based on Unity Engine and, made for platforms like Android and Ios. It was first released on 6th July 2016 in Australia, the US, and New Zealand. This game is the part of Pokemon franchise and uses mobile devices with GPS to capture, locate, train, and battle with virtual creatures who are nothing but Pokeman who appeared as like they are available in the player’s real-life world. This game is fully free to play and also have some business module for getting additional items. At the very first time when the game was launched, the total Pokemon’s species available was 150 and now it got increased to around 600 till this year 2020.

Pokemon Go "Go Beyond" Update To Release November 30, Level Cap Increased To 50

In 2014, the concept of this game was taken, and later after 2 years, they announced the Japan-exclusive beta test to happen later the month of March 2016. Later after a month in April, an announcement was made to expand the beta in New Zealand and Australia. Additional 5000 locations become available as gyms for Pokeman go in January 2017. Later a game was released named “Pokemon: Let’s go, Pikachu! And Let’s go, Eevee! Which was highly inspired by Pokemon Go. As of now, we were having a total of 40 levels available in Pokemon Go to play but recently the news was out about Pokemon Go “Go Beyond” stated Pokemon Go is ready to go beyond with new things and next levels.

Pokemon Go “Go Beyond” Update To Release November 30, Level Cap Increased To 50

Recently on 18th November 2020, the Pokemon Go team wrote in their blog that, Pokemon Go will Go Beyond now from Monday 30th November 2020. They stated about the changes they are going to make for the players to level up, implement the seasons, Gen 6, and experience new in-game events with the addition of the Kalos region where the Pokemon has originally discovered.

So we have heard about the many changes happening in Pokemon Go “Go Beyond” which includes Level up, Changes in the screen, new Pokemons, Pokemon’s original discovered region “Kalos”, Pokemon Go seasons, etc. They stated, those players who have reached up to 40 levels as of now, will soon be getting the opportunity to level up to level 50 and those haven’t reached 40 levels yet, have an easy chance to reach 40 levels as some easy-going benefits have opened for the players in which by doing some adjustments to the various ways, players can earn XP. More additional levels will start from 41 and end at 50, it will have different tasks to perform at each level and move ahead with the levels.

Kalos the first pokemon’s discovered region where adventures and dreams begin, we will be meeting it from 2nd December 2020 Wednesday with new mega evolution in Pokemon Go. Currently, the 12 days friendship event is going on which was started on 18th November 2020, there we will be getting some exciting bonus which will help us to prepare for new developments. Other than this, there will be more events in December like fun holiday events and December community day, where we will also be getting some chance to take advantage of all the changes. So, everybody is highly excited about these new changes and levels to play with and eagerly waiting to be release out. For more such updates, stay tuned with us.

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