Exclusive: Marvel’s Storyboards Season 2 New Details Announced

Marvel's Storyboards Season 2 Details Announced

Today in this article we will be talking about Marvel’s Storyboards Season 2 Details Announced. Marvel Storyboard is a 2020 documentary web television series which is given by Marvel New Media. It is created and hosted by Joe Quesada who is an American comic book artist, television producer, editor, and writer. It is written by Eric Enright whereas directed by Tony Castle. It was produced by Tony Castle along with Joe Quesada and Roxy Hunt under the production company Marvel new media whereas it is distributed by Marvel Entertainment itself.

The first season of Marvel Storyboard was released this year on 23rd July 2020 with a total of 6 episodes and ended on 27th August 2020. The earlier show was planned to be streaming on Disney + exclusive but later they announced in July 2020 that the show is moved to the Marvel Youtube channel.

Marvel's Storyboards Season 2 Details Announced

Joe Quesada got the idea of this show when he interviewed Charlie Cox who is an English actor known for the Daredevil in 2017’s comic con and then he pitched the idea to Disney+ and Disney+ gave the green light to this show. Since then, finally, they came up with this great interactive series this year. In season 1 joe interviewed Hugh Jackman in the first episode named “Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine Journey” followed by Natalia Cordova-Buckley in 2nd episode “Natalia Cordova-Buckley & A Super Hero Workout”, 3rd episode with Christian Borle in “ Christian Borle & Comics in Theatre!”, 4th episode with Johnny Weir in “ Johnny Weir & The History of superhero costumes”, 5th episode with Margaret Stohl in “Margaret Stohl & The Life of Captain Marvel” and last 6th episode with Robert Lopez in “ Robert Lopez & The art of songwriting”.

Marvel’s Storyboards Season 2 Details Announced

After getting a huge response from the audience, Marvel Entertainment has made an announcement for season 2.  Later they announced the guest list along with the release date of the episodes. The second season will also be having six episodes like before. The first episode is scheduled to be released on 16th November 2020 Monday followed by 2nd on 20th November 2020 Friday, 3rd on Tuesday 24th November 2020, 4th on Tuesday 1st December 2020, 5th on Tuesday 8th December 2020, and 6th on Tuesday 15th December 2020.

The guest will be seeing in season 2 are Gillian Jacobs who is an American actress best known for her role as Britta Perry in Community series will be seen in 1st episode of season 2, Sasheer Zamata who is again an American actress and comedian will be seen in episode 2, Samhita Mukhopadhyay who is an executive editor of Teen Vogue and an American writer will be seen in episode 3, Nelson Figueroa who is an American former professional baseball pitcher will be seen in episode 4, Taboo nothing but Jaime Luis Gomez who is an American rapper, actor, DJ and songwriter will be seen in episode 5 and last but not the least Ed Viesturs who is a corporate speaker and a high altitude mountaineer will be seen in episode 6.

So the season 1 was liked by many audiences because of the stories and their journey told by the guest and hence everybody is now excited to watch season 2 as well to explore and to know the stories of new guests. As of now, Season 2 has already been out with 1st episode, you can watch it on Marvel’s youtube channel and on marvel.com. For more such updates, stay tuned with us.

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