Battle of M1 Chip vs Intel: Next Gen Macs will be Better and Faster

In the recent event “One More Thing” Apple had launched the company’s computer line that is after the new Apple Silicon Processor called the “M1” Chip. Currently, The system that has  Mac processors runs on Intel cores. It promises a faster and better performance that would be an advantage in saving the battery life.

One of the topmost tech company in the world is rising and being self-sufficient with its new creations and innovations with its new release. On 10 November company debuted a chip now apple will use the “M1” Apple Silicon chip and fulfill its promises and prove to be the best.

Apple’s M1 Chips for Next-Generation Macs

At the end of 2020 something good has finally happened, Apple had introduced the world to the new era and models of the next-generation MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, and Mac mini, all have and run on the M1 Chip developed by Apple’s engineers.

Indeed, the event One More Thing justifies its name as Apple just launched its product in November and now it surprised the world with a new launch for the Macs with the major upgrade. The last major upgrade of Mac includes the Touch Bar, Thunderbolt Type-C ports,  and SSD integration. Soon Macs will dominate the market with its leading performance. Apple’s long term reliance on Intel processors now changes, along with the following years to come.

Apple’s M1 Chip vs Intel: Pros and Cons

The event held on 10 November announced that three new Macs would debut soon and release fully to the market in the upcoming year. The three new Macs are as follows: MacBook Air, 13-inch MacBook Pro, and Mac mini.

The M1 Chip would pay three and a half times more power than its previous processor, which runs on Intel Core i5. Paired with a massive 16Gb RAM, a Solid-State Drive and, the MacBook Pro promised to would deliver performance and speeds. Apple makes sure that it’s the top version for laptops, ie. MacBook Pro is three times faster than computers with Intel vest selling technology. The new processor features eight central processing cores and 16 billion transistors.

Additionally, A plus feature is Apple’s M1 chips would optimize battery use, particularly on the MacBook Air. It optimized 15 hours of web browsing and 18 hours of video streaming on a full charge. Graphics are phenomenal and 5 times faster than any other.

The Disadvantages of Apple M1 chip

Apple no longer support eGPUs on its devices said accord to Paul Gerhardt and on new macs, it will support new M1 chips. This would be a noteworthy disadvantage compared to the last version that ran Intel, which supported the technology and ran on it. Still, there is hope that Apple would support the technology and in future updates run on it, which allows users for more optimized use if Macs.

However, It is known that Apple’s M1 Chip gives more efficiency and a massive performance boost for the Macs that would soon release. Be updated on the latest tech trends and know more on Apple M1 Chip vs Intel stories soon.

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