Songbird 2021 Initial Release Update With Trailer Details

Songbird 2021 Initial Release

Today, in this article we will be talking about the Songbird 2021 Initial Release. Songbird is an upcoming American thriller romantic film. It is directed by Adam Mason and produced by Marcei A. Brown, Michael Bay, Jeanette Volturno, Andrew Sugerman, Adam Goodman, Eben  Davidson, and Jason  Clark.

Songbird is written by Simon Boyes along with Adam  Mason whereas music is given by Lorne Balfe and Cinematography done by Jacques Jouffret. Invisible Narratives, Platinum Dunes, and Catchlight Studios will be the production companies and it will be distributed by STXfilms which is an American media company.

Songbird 2021 Initial Release

The announcement of the film was done on 19th May 2020 stating the director and producer name. Later in June 2020, all cast has been finalized and they got remotely trained for the shoot due to the covid pandemic. On 8th July 2020, the principal production has been resumed in Los Angeles and the film got wrapped up on 3rd August 2020.

Songbird 2021 Initial Release

As the film got wrapped up in August 2020, then we can assume the film to be released in late 2020. As of now, no release date has been revealed but as per the news, we may get to see the Songbird movie either in Late 2020 or in early 2021.

The cast who will be playing the main role in songbird is Sofia Carson as Sara who will be playing the role of Nico’s love interest, KJ Apa as Nico will be Sara’s love interest, Peter Stormare as the corrupt head of the city’s sanitation department who seizes those infected houses or people and transport them to the Quarantine zone, Craig Robinson as Nico’s boss, Demo Moore as Piper Griffin, Alexandra Daddario as a singer, Jenna Ortega as Izzy, Paul Walter Hauser as Max, Ethan Josh Lee as Giffords, Bradley Whitford as Mr. Griffin and a husband of Piper, Michole Briana White as Alice and Lia McHugh as Emma Griffin, etc.

The story of the Songbird will be totally based on the Covid-19 pandemic. It will show during pandemic life, struggle, etc. Songbird will show the difficulties faced by lovers to meet each other and reunite again. It will show all the outer situation of the city, roads, and the actions taken by governments. It will show how the corrupted head will transport the infected people to the quarantine zone with so much trouble. Songbird will be all about disease, quarantine, government law, and vigilantes.

So overall, we will get to see the real scenarios of the Covid-19 pandemic through Songbird. Many audiences and critics reacted to the trailer of the film due to delaying the release. We hope to get the release date soon. For more such updates, keep reading and stay tuned with us.

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