Sword Art Online Season 5 Release Date – SAO: Progressive All Set to Air

Today we will be talking about the Sword Art Online Season 5 Release Date. It is a Japanese young adult light series. It is written by Reki Kawahara whereas it is published by ASCII Media  Works and illustrated by ABEC. It was having a total of 25 volumes and first published on 10th April 2009.

Later, they came into a spin-off series in 2012 followed by releasing nine manga adaptation which is published by Kadokawa and ASCII Media Works. After the novel, Tomohiko Ito has directed anime series in 2012 which was produced by Shinichiro Kashiwada and Kazuma Miki. The music has given by Yuki  Kajiura and produced by the studio A-1 pictures.

Sword Art Online Season 5 Release Date

The first series SAO first released in Japan and aired from 8th July 2012 to 23rd December 2012 with a total of 25 episodes. After the first series, they came up with an Anime television film named Sword Art Online: Extra Edition which was released on 31st December 2013 followed by the second season of the series named Sword Art Online II which was aired from 5th July 2014 to 20th December 2014 with 24 episodes. Later they came up with the third season in two half, first half was Sword Art Online: Alicization which was having 24 episodes followed by the second and final half Sword at online: Alicization-war of the underworld which was having 23 episodes.

Sword Art Online Season 5 Release Date

As per the news, they made an anime adaptation announcement of Sword Art Online: Progressive, which will be produced by Netflix. Recently in the last month of September end, they announced that the Sword Art online: Progressive is scheduled to be released in spring 2021, which will be based on volume 7. Officially the posters and teaser have been out but the exact release date hasn’t been revealed yet.

Sword Art Online Season 5 Release Date

As per the news, SAO: progressive will follow volume 7, the expected cast we will be seeing in this series KirIgaya Kazuto or Kirito the main lead of this series, Eugeo a childhood friend of Kirito, Alice Zuberg a childhood friend of Kirito along with Eugeo, who is also a mysterious girl, Kyouko  Yuuki an Asuna’s mother and a professor, Kirigaya Suguha a Kirito’s cousin and Alicization Arc, etc.

Sword Art Online story revolves around Kirito who is the main lead. The story takes place in the near future on a leader Kirito who plays the virtual reality MMORPG world. In 1st series we have seen Kirito get into the virtual reality game and log out option from the game has gets disappear. It means those are inside the game they need to finish it otherwise they can’t come out. Also, the mainline was, those are getting dead in the game, they will be dead in real-time too. The second series followed different storylines where Kirito solving the mysteries and the third was more interesting than the previous two. In all the series we have seen Kirito a protagonist comes across any unique situation or task or mystery and fights against it.

So overall, this series is a mixer of love, action, mystery, and adventure. As per the audience, the third and the last second half was the most interesting season with a great storyline and the same is hoping for Anime adaptation Sword Art Online: progressive. Hope this will also with a great storyline and get succeed in engaging the audience once again. For more such updates, stay tuned with us.

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