China is on the way to win the COVID-19 Vaccine Race

The People’s Republic of China takes big risks in the vaccine wars between the United States of America, the Russian Federation, the French Republic, and the United Kingdom. Could it all backfire?

China announced that it would join the World Health Organization’s vaccine initiative. The Covax Global Initiative intends to provide COVID-19 vaccines to developing nations. The Chinese plan to buy 15 million doses from a future vaccine from Covax, which will help finance the overall project. This is a major publicity stunt, mainly because the United States of America isn’t joining the WHO initiative.

The White House expressed in a press conference that it wouldn’t join the WHO-Covax initiative because they don’t want to be constrained by multilateral organizations influenced “by the corrupt World Health Organization and China.”

It’s no secret that the Chinese covered up their first COVID-19 spike nearly a year ago and allowed it to spread across the planet. That’s why Donald Trump calls it the “Wuhan virus”. Since that’s happened, the Chinese Communist Party has been trying to turn all of that negative publicity around with a massive propaganda campaign on how China leads the battle against the pandemic.

A big part of that effort is China’s goal of being the first country that successfully develops, approves, and widely distributes a Coronavirus Vaccine. China produces nearly 700 million doses of vaccines against other diseases a year, mostly for its domestic market. Still, if China can produce the first successful COVID-19 vaccine, that would be a giant anabolic steroidal injection to Chinese pharmaceuticals in the global market. It would give a regime that blatantly finances corrupt corporate practices like racketeering, insider trading, intellectual property theft, and government-sponsored industrial espionage a whitewashing.

Achievements of those sorts would give the Chinese prestige and credibility in scientific research, and the Chinese Communist Party would have a great way to repair its reputation worldwide. With the echo chambers in mainstream media, that piece of news would make editors and influencers forget that it was the Chinese Communists that caused the pandemic in the first place.

The Chinese Communist Party is willing to take some big risks to make those headlines happen.

China’s Vaccine Safety Record

The Chinese Communist Party has a terrible record handling their vaccines. There have been several scandals involving vaccination in Mainland China over the last few years. One of those cases happened not long ago:  2018. That year, more than 900.000 faulty children’s vaccines that apart from their inefficacy, caused some children to develop disabilities after taking the vaccines.
Because the Chinese Communists live off dialectics, that scandal prompted the country’s authorities to pass much stronger legislation on vaccines in 2019.

One of the country’s labs that developed the faulty vaccines, the Wuhan Institute of Biological Products Company, LTD., now helps development of the new coronavirus vaccines. Still, the propaganda apparatus of the Communist Chinese claim that there are unlikely to be these kinds of safety issues with the COVID-19 vaccine because the Chinese authorities are watching the issue real closely.

Race to the top

In the race of Chinese companies to produce the vaccine, the companies are cutting corners, and that causes concern among the experts.

China’s COVID-19 vaccines are still phase 3 trials, a crucial step that evaluates the safety and effectiveness of the product in humans, despite the fact that the trial isn’t over, there are reports of immunizations with humans.
Chinese government-owned company Sinopharm has applied the vaccine to more than 350.000 Chinese citizens with their two biological products for immunization against COVID-19 still in trials.
China seems to plan in stretching the emergency use of phase 3 unsafe vaccination of healthcare workers and apply the vaccine to most people to claim an early victory and scoop up some points with the international community.

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