Korean Thriller Movie: The Call 2020 Release Date & Preview

The call 2020 release

“The call” you might be familiar with its name. It’s a Korean Thriller Movie (2020). Here is the First Look at Park Shin Hye in Thriller K-movie Call with Jong Jeon Seo. The directors of “The call” are Lee Chung-Hyun, starring Park Shin-Hye, and Jeon Jong-Seo.

The call 2020
The call 2020

The lead actress Park Shin Hye in “The call” K-entertainer Park Shin Hye is more well known for her innumerable K-dramatization jobs. However, she steps foot into motion pictures from the time. Her upcoming acting job will be in March 2020 delivered spine chiller film Call, costarring prominent tenderfoot Jong Jeon Seo who appeared with the widely praised Burning. This is charged as a spine chiller instead of awfulness yet looks sufficiently creepy. The trailer is, in reality, excessively unpleasant, so look at it.

The cast of “The call.”

The star cast is expected on the screen for “The Call.” Park Shin-Hye as Seo-Yeon, Kim Sung-ryung as Seo-Yeon’s mother, Lee Dong-hwi as Baek Mi-Hyun, Lee El as Young-sook’s mother. Other than this Jeon Jong-Seo as Young-sook, Oh Jung-se as Seong-ho, and Park Ho-san as Seo-Yeon’s father. The complete family is arriving with Trill. The network of the movie is Next Entertainment World.

Plot Summary of “The call”

Web advancement Yeon gets back after a long time. She relates an old phone that was in the house and addresses a pariah named Yeong Sook. Web architecture upgrade Yeon recognizes Yeong Sook lives in a comparative house, anyway they are 20 years isolated, and they become mates starting there onwards.

By then, one day, Seo Yeon and Yeong Sook make a little choice that will change themselves in the time they are in. Yeong Sook will save Seo Yeon’s father.  Who had died 20 years back. And Seo Yeon reveals to Yeong Sook her future 20 years later.