Yellowstone Will Be Back With Season 4 – Here is what we know

Yellowstone, a Paramount Network series, is likely to have its fourth season next year. The 3rd season of Yellowstone, with ten episodes, was released on Sunday, June 21st. Four months prior to its premiere, on February 2020, it was confirmed that Yellowstone will be having a fourth season. With 9 episodes in the 1st Season and 10 episodes in the 2nd Season, Yellowstone Season 1 became the second most-watched cable series after The Walking dead in 2018.

Yellowstone is about a Dutton family who owns and operates the Yellowstone ranch in Montana which is the largest ranch in the US.

The Dutton family includes Kevin Costner as John Dutton, Wes Bentley as John’s adopted son Jamie Dutton who is a lawyer, Kelly Reilly as John’s financier daughter Beth Dutton, John’s youngest son Kayce Dutton portrayed by Luke Grimes, Kayce’s native American wife Monica Long Dutton played by Kelsey Asbille and John’s only grandchild Tate Dutton played by Brecken Merrill who is the son of Kayce and Monica. Along with the Dutton family, we can also see several characters like Rip Wheeler played by Cole Hauser who is like John’s right-hand man and Jefferson White as Jimmy Hurdstrom who is a ranch hand at Yellowstone.

Kevin Costner along with being an actor he is also the executive producer of Yellowstone. Taylor Sheridan, who was the writer for Sicario And Hell or High Water is also the Yellowstone’s writer.

Yellowstone has had a viewership of five million per episode which is a very high rating for even a well-known cable network – not to mention a lesser-known network like Yellowstone’s.

Since the previous three seasons had been released in June we expect the fourth season of Yellowstone to be released on summer, June 2021 but as of now, the exact date has not been announced.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there is likely to be a delay in its release but the production team had already mentioned that the filming will start in mid-August.

The entire main casts are likely to be returning for the fourth season. The Dutton family will be confronting more conflicts in this season 4. As Forrie J. Smith who plays the role of Lloyd mentioned, the fourth season will be having the “Don’t mess with the Dutton’s attitude”.

With limited commercial interruptions, Yellowstone Season 4 will be releasing two episodes in a single night. This new season will be presented to the viewers like a show that can give off a ‘cinematic experience’.

If you want to rewatch the past seasons or you are new to this series and wish to watch it, check out the Paramount Network. But you can only watch there if you have cable. Without cable, you can watch it on iTunes, Amazon, YouTube, Google Play and Vudu.

As of now, it is not available on Hulu or Netflix. With an exclusive streaming deal, Yellowstone can now be streamed on Peacock which is the NBC’S new streaming service.

Season 3 ended with John Dutton being shot by someone. Who is he? and Beth’s office was also firebombed. Can they both survive? Will we see them in the coming season 4?

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