BTS Universe Story Release Date & What We Know

BTS universe story is a game based on the fictional universe of BTS known as BTS Universe or Bangtan Universe or just BU in short. It was first known as the Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa or HYYH series before it got its official logo and name in 2017.

Bangtan universe is a fictional universe based on the 7 members’ alternate reality. It is about 7 best friends in which one of them gets a special chance to go back in time and help his friends fix their mistake.

The story of the fictional universe is told thorough music videos, short films, short stories, books and notes. They also have a webtoon called ‘Save Me’ and a drama which will be released in the future based on this Universe.

A phrase that says “BU content certified by Big Hit Entertainment”, will be seen in the music videos and short films that revolves around the BTS Universe. During the second era, on April 29 2015, the music video of their title song ‘I Need U’ showed some stories that are part of the BTS Universe. Following this, many pieces of the BTS Universe stories were released during the 2nd and the 3rd era.

On June 29th 2017, the 1st BU content, BTS Wings Concept Book, was released along with their new logo. On August 2017, during the starting of the fourth era, fictional character posters were released.

Other than all these, there was also a fictional flower called Smeraldo, that had some kind of connection with the BTS universe. Smeraldo was first introduced on August 9th 2017, through Twitter – captioned ‘Smeraldo’, when Jin posted a selfie with a bouquet of flowers. This lead to fans finding a fictional florist, on the Naver blog, called Testesso who was preparing to open his Smeraldo flower shop. Through this blog, he talked about this flowers origin and his experience with this flower. Each year, he would post the same set of story, before deleting them and reposting it the next year.

BTS Universe Story Features

This time, the Big Hit Entertainment had a collab with Netmarble, who is the developer of the BTS Universe story. Netmarble also developed the ‘BTS World’, where the players could play the role of the group’s manager, making this their second collab.

BTS Universe story consists of 3D scanned avatars of the seven members. It is an interactive game where you can choose and make your own decisions. Each decision gives you different outcomes. You can also interact with other players and explore their stories.

There will be three main modes – The Story Mode, The Story Playthrough Mode and Collection Mode.

In the Story Mode, you will be provided with in-game production tools where you can create your own story. You can select pre-existing stories’ choices and shape the storyline according to your wishes through the Story Playthrough Mode. There will also be a Collection Mode, where you can collect clothes and accessories and also take Augmented Reality (AR) photos of the avatars.

A 7-day daily check-in is also present, where you will be awarded 30 jewels. You can also get logo t-shirts and a story creation theme if you get a certain number of likes for your story.

BTS Universe Story will be released on 24th September at 11 a.m. KST (IST 7:30 am) on Google play store and Apple stores.

Check out the trailer below:

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