Cobra Kai Season 3 Release Date Announced

Cobra Kai

The 3rd installment of the equally awe-filled sequel of The Karate Kid is back!

Cobra Kai is the sequel of The Karate Kid (1984) film that was released decades after the Karate Kid finale. The iconic roles of Daniel and Johnny in the series were taken up again by Ralph Macchio and William Zabka.

In Rotten Tomatoes, Cobra Kai received a great number of positive reviews when it was released. With a review of 100% and 88% in season 1 and 2, respectively, Cobra Kai was loved by all.

The first two seasons were about Sensei rivals, Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence, teaching karate to teens. In The Karate Kid, Martin Kove, who played the legendary role of Sensei John Kreese, had made a comeback in Cobra Kai season 2. Sensei John Kreese will be greeting us again in this coming season 3.

The writer-producer John Heald said that they would be looking into the origins of the dojos in the 3rd season as they return to Okinawa.

3rd season of the Cobra Kai’s release was announced back in July 2019. It is said that this season will echo 1986 the Karate Kid set. As Pat Morita, the actor who played Miyagi passed away in 2005, we won’t be able to see his character development. Instead, the character of Miyagi will be mentioned and seen frequently through flashback as Daniel tries to pass on Miyagi’s self-defense techniques to his students.


The co-creator of the show, Jon Hurwitz, tweeted in September that the 3rd season of Cobra Kai has been “Filmed. Edited. Ready to go.”. He also mentioned that the 3rd season would be available on Netflix in 2021.

When Is The Season 3 Release?

Since William Zabka mentioned how the 3rd season has stepped up in their game, we have a lot to look for this season;

“The end of Season Two is a car wreck essentially,” Zabka said. “There’s a lot of pieces to put back together. There’s a lot of healing that has to happen. There’s a lot of growing that needs to happen. I’ve seen a lot of fan theories out there, and heard a lot of fan theories. Nice tries. It’s awesome. I mean, Season Three is fireworks. And I think it’s Season One and Two combined on steroids.”

With the cliffhanger of season 2, the main question fans of Cobra Kai have whether we will have Miguel Diaz back on this new season. But rest assured, Xolo, who is playing the role of Miguel, has tweeted about the wrap on the season 3 production.


Cobra Kai, previously aired on Youtube, is now acquired by Netflix. With the first 2 seasons hitting Netflix later this year, the 3rd season is to be premiered on 2021.

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