Hogwarts Legacy Release Date Announced – What To Expect

Hogwarts Legacy

After the leak of a Harry Potter based RPG game back in 2018, Warner Bros. officially announced on 16th September that Hogwarts Legacy, a game set in Harry Potter Universe would be released in 2021.

Hogwarts Legacy is said to be an open-world RPG game, set during the 1800s before the time period of JK Rowling’s original stories. It is a Warner Bros. creation game developed by Avalanche under the Portkey Games label. The public debut which was supposed to be during the 2020 summer was canceled which, then, later was announced during the PS5 showcase event on the 16th of September.

However, due to the controversy caused by the Harry Potter author JK Rowling, many fans are in a dilemma. Rowling was seen giving offensive and harmful comments against the transgenders which upset the LGBT+ community. She also liked a post which depicted transgender woman as “men in dress”, which only made the situation worse.

This was such bad timing for the game to be announced as fans were having a hard time making a decision. But the fact that JK Rowling, other than her story being the foundation of the game, has no involvement whatsoever in the creation of the game remains unchanged.

Hogwarts Legacy Story

Hogwarts Legacy is a wizarding world RPG set in the Harry Potter Universe. The official website allows you to portray your character to be a late accepted Hogwarts student who possesses a wizard-threatening ancient secret’s key. You can either protect this world or get tempted by the dark power of magic.

Set in the 1800s, experience your life at Hogwarts as you decide the fate of the wizarding world, making allies and battling dark wizards. Being at the center of an adventurous journey, you can explore the new and familiar world of wizards. Customizing your character of your like, enter the Hogwarts school to master crafting potions, casting spells, befriending the fantastic beasts, and become the wizard you want to be by upgrading your talents along the way.

It is also mentioned on the official website that the players will have the opportunity to choose their own Hogwarts house at the beginning of the game.

The official game developers explain the reason behind choosing Portkey as the label name as a Portkey is an enchanted object that instantly transports anyone touching it to another location. And they believe, as the name symbolizes, they can transport the players instantly into their own adventure inspired by the wizarding world.

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