Below Deck Season 8 Release Date and Return Of Original Cast

Below Deck Season 8

Created by Mark Cronin and directed by Marc Cooper, Below Deck is a television series broadcasted through Bravo Cable Network. The 1st episode was aired at 10:00 ET on Monday, July 1st, 2013. Below Deck is about a group of people and their lives while working on a 50-meter yacht called ‘Honor’ captained by Captain Lee. The crew members experience different kinds of situations while trying to make their professional careers work.

Season 1, with 11 episodes, had an average of 1.4 million ratings for each of its episodes. This led to the production of the 2nd season in Ohana, which was premiered on 12th August 2014, with new and four returning casts. Having 13 episodes, the finale of season 2 had the highest rating. This encouraged the production of another season, and season 3 was filmed in the Bahamas. The 3rd season of 15 episodes was premiered on August 25th, 2015.

With 14 episodes, the 4th installment of Below Deck aired back on 6th September 2016. It has also got a 5th and 6th season, which was aired on 5th September 2017 and 2nd October 2018, respectively.  7th season ‘Valor’, having 20 episodes, was premiered on October 7th, 2019.

Below Deck Season 8 Release Date and Details

After the 7th season got concluded, fans are patiently waiting for the next season’s premier. And as they hoped, Below Deck Season 8 will be released on 2nd November 2020 at 9/8c.

Official sources have once mentioned that the featured people in Below Deck are not staged actors, rather they are actual crewmen by profession. soon as the 7th season started off, the production team was already prepared for the next season. Advertisements  for new crew members who were experienced yachties to apply for the new season was tweeted by the casting agents from the Diana Wallace Casting

Lee Rosbach is the only constant cast member in the entire 8 seasons. He plays the role of the captain of Honor. Kate Chastain was also seen as one of the regular casts from the 2nd season to 7th season as the Chief Stewardess until she made her exit in February. The role of Chief Stewardess for the 8th season ‘My Seanna’ will be taken by Francesa Rubi.

In this 8th season of Below Deck, along with Lee Rosbach, Bosun Eddie Lucas makes a comeback after being a regular cast through the 1st 3 seasons. We can also see a new face amidst them who plays the role of a Chef     Rachel Hargrove.

Bosun Eddie Lucas
BELOW DECK Season: 8 — Pictured: Eddie Lucas — (Photo by Laurent Bassett/Bravo)

Season 8 cast includes Lee Rosbach as The Captain, Francesca Rubi as Chief Stewardess, Elizabeth Frankini, and  Isabelle “Izzy” Wouters as Stewardess, Rachel Hargrove playing Chef, Eddie Lucas as Bosun along with James Hough and Shane Coppersmith as Deckhands.

So, let’s get on board with the amazing cast of Below Deck for another journey that is to blow you off of starboard!

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