The Politician Season 2 Release Date Confirmed By Studio

The much-awaited Rayn Murphy’s Netflix series, The Politician season 2, is set to premiere in mid-June. With it’s studded star cast is sure to fill your gloomy evenings with some heartfelt comedy. Being the US president is what Payton Hobart (Ben Platt) thought his life’s mission was. To fulfill “the dream,” he tries to get elected as the student body President.

He believed this could secure him a place in Harvard, but little did he know, his way to the Presidency wouldn’t be all sunshine and rainbows. With determination up to the brim, he was ready to face everything that comes his way and head on winning this election with sympathy being their selling point. But all his efforts went down the drain, on the fact he knew about Infinity Jackson’s (Zoey Deutch) cancer being fake was brought into the light.

For the crime of withholding the truth, giving up his Presidency along with his dream of being the US President and Harvard, was what he had to pay.

The Politician Season 2 Poster
The Politician Season 2 Poster – “It’s good to see Ryan Murphy back at what he does best, garish colors, obnoxious characters, power suits and all.” – Isobel Lewis

Three years later, the all-knowing Payton  Hobart being an NYU student, is seen doing singing gigs at night bars. The season 1 ends with a quizzical setup, with McAfee Westbrook (Laura Dreyfuss) trying to persuade Payton for the Senate position against Senator Dede Standish (Judith Light). In the end, Payton is ready to run against Dede with Astrid (Lucy Boynton), finding dirt on the Senator.

The Casts Are Back!

The 1st season finale hinted a new start with Payton and his team along with Astrid, and all come together to win against Dede for the Senator position. Along with Ben Platt, the season 1 cast, Laura Dreyfuss, Rahne Jones (Skye), Julia Schlaepfer (Alice), Lucy Boynton, Theo Germaine (James) are all back together with us in season 2.

Other than this star cast of season 1, we will also see Judith Light and Bette Midler as regulars in this series, with Bette Midler playing as a calculating woman, Hadassah Gold, who is Dede’s chief of staff. In this upcoming season of The Politician, we will follow Payton on his campaign trail, trying to overthrow Senator Dede from her position.

Throughout the season, we see the decisions and problems faced by Payton, with his mother’s seemingly harmless decision that could threaten anything and everything that he had achieved till now. He might also have to choose and decide what kind of  President he wishes to be.

With some nerve-wracking and thought-provoking incidents, along with a dash of comedy, Payton Hobert, is back in The Politician: Season 2.

The Politician: Season 2 was released on June 19th. You can watch the trailer below:

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