Kanye West Suspended from Twitter

Grammy-winner rapper, fashion personality, reality TV star, real-life troll, political activist, and US presidential candidate, Kanye West got suspended for twelve hours from Twitter after posting personal information of a magazine editor, violating Twitter’s rules. In one of Kanye’s traditional twitter threads that rant about all sorts of things. In recent years, the rapper delved into conservative political activism and found his spiritual side by embracing Christianity, his 2019 album, “Jesus is King” marked a landmark in his long-running and award-winning career.

Kanye West’s doxxing of a Forbes editor came after the rapper went at odds with Universal Music Group regarding his multi-million dollar contract. Tweeting his followers to trust him, and then he wouldn’t stop, Kim Kardashian’s husband tweeted on September 16, 2020, a short video depicting a Grammy award inside the bowl of a toilet and Kanye urinating on the prize as some sort of woke-kanyeish demonstration.

Kanye’s transgressive tweet comes after he conflicts with big music labels, as the African-American celebrity wishes to sever his recording and music distribution deals. The rapper posted over 100 tweets with no captions showing pages of his record label contract with Universal Music Group.

Kanye West has been very outspoken about the contractual relations of artists and musicians with the entertainment industry, going as far as comparing the commercial relations as “modern-day slavery”. West wrote that “when you sign a music deal you sign away your rights”, he goes on to say that “Without the masters, you can’t do anything with your own music. Someone else controls where it’s played and when it’s played. Artists have nothing [except] the fame, touring and merch[andise].”

Kanye’s criticism of the current state of record labels with artists comes at a time when many artists want to sit down with the Industry to review how the working relationship works.

One of the problems with the record industry is that when a label rejects a recording, the label gets to keep the recording and they don’t return it to the artist so they can release it by themselves.

Artists that had feuds with record labels


Kesha tried to sever her contract with Sony after alleging that her producer abused her sexually.


Prince had a bit of an episode with Warner Bros. after his $100 million dollar contract in 1992, the artist wanted to release albums on a regular basis and he wanted to own the master tapes for his recordings. His feud led him to change his name to a hieroglyph, severed his relation with Warner, and then patched things up with the label after releasing a 30th year anniversary of his hit “Purple Rain”


Twenty years ago, before Metallica release their second symphonic album on Spotify, the heavy metal band from California sued a music-sharing service called Napster —a precursor to Spotify, Deezer and many others— for copyright infringement, the metal band won the case, and a judge ordered Napster to cease operations.

Michael Jackson

Back in 2001, the late Michael Jackson accused Sony of not promoting his “Invincible” record because of racism.

Johnny Cash

The late Johnny Cash had a feud with Columbia Records back in 1986 when the label canceled his contract after considering that country music was no longer raking in money for the prestigious record label.

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