Amazon Music Now Hosts Podcasts – Competition For Spotify and Apple Music

Podcasts are the evolution of radio and entertainment, there’s an unlimited amount of podcasts out there to cater to everybody’s taste, the format and segment is versatile and it has made its way to mainstream entertainment. Streaming giants like Spotify invest millions in exclusive deals like the one they just signed with podcaster Joe Rogan. Now, its Amazon’s turn, in its popular Amazon Music service will now host podcasts, incorporating nearly 70,000 different shows in their platform, Jeff Bezos’ media empire just got bigger and better, as the company who owns Prime Video, Twitch, Amazon Music and Audible now delves into this popular format.

To make their offer more attractive to big competitive giants like Spotify, Amazon Music will host exclusive podcasts like DJ Khaled, Dan Patrick, Jada Pinkett Smith, and Will Smith as well as Becky G. Podcasts in Amazon Music can be heard using their revamped Amazon Music app on mobile devices, as well as on the web, or on Echo devices.

Not everything is fun for Podcasts on Amazon Music as the shows will have ads. The repetitiveness and the format of these ads is up for grabs. Maybe Jeff Bezos’ podcast adventure could learn from the “Freemium” format that puts Spotify comfortably at the top of the audio streaming market.

With Amazon’s strong foothold in our everyday lives, it is easy for the company to compete with Spotify despite ads and a new presence. The way in which Amazon Music must market their podcast catalog heavily depends on user acceptance. Still, the trend amongst streaming subscribers is that they tend to have more than one premium subscription because of the perks they offer. So ad-free podcasts in Amazon Music in a premium format can be a game-changer for the expanding Amazon empire. A giant company with tentacles in retail, entertainment, and data services.

Amazon Music - Podcasts
Amazon Music – Podcasts

Amazon Music Podcasts – Different than Audible


Podcasts in Amazon Music need to be worked in with Audible, Amazon’s popular audiobook service that also got revamped with a new and more economic subscription plan that offers its users access to exclusive podcast shows, those shows are not on Amazon Music, so if you want to hear a podcast that’s on Audible, you’re not likely to catch it on Amazon Music because those platforms aren’t integrated. Still, Jeff Bezos’ resolve in making his services top-notch, it’s only a matter of time before integration amongst Amazon’s entertainment tentacles gets in sync with the current times.

2020 is a challenging year for Amazon as the company managed to fend off the coronavirus distribution chain problem crisis, and now has an even stronger foothold in the retail sector as it competes with other companies like Walmart, whose latest premium service aims to chip away at Amazon’s flagship premium delivery service.

Coupled with distribution chain issues, the American company also faces tough scrutiny regarding the treatment of its employees and their relationship with couriers and deliveries, as the now normal next-day shipping puts a heavy burden on delivery services that have to keep their rates competitive as Amazon explores its own distribution delivery options with a domestic workforce and an emerging drone army program that looms in the Western United States.

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