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Death Of Hokage Naruto – Who Will Kill Him?

The boruto manga’s first chapter revealed some of the most shocking and weird news which you would find on the internet, and usually in the Naruto community. There are potential spoilers on the internet that Naruto Uzumaki dies. But wait there’s more!

Small warning that there are spoilers ahead.

The manga’s first chapter’s first few pages shows Boruto and Kawaki and they are seen battling on the Hokage Mountain, on 7th Hokage Naruto’s Statue.  We also get to see the villain, who is Kawaki and how he wants to end the Era of Shinobi.

Konoha and City above are destroyed completely, possibly there was a huge battle. Naruto lost his life or was imprisoned somewhere. The thing to wonders is, how in the world someone killed Naruto. Even if they pull off some move and Kill Naruto, can he/they kill Sasuke too? My bet is, they are imprisoned somewhere or in some dimension.

To be honest, this is completely messed up. If it is true that Naruto dies, fans are gonna be so mad at Ukyō Kodachi. He is the writer of the Boruto Manga. You can’t just kill off Naruto. On the other hand, we forgot to mention one of the major detail is that when Uzumaki Boruto uses his Byakugan, his eye tattoo starts glowing, that’s something new.

We will be back with more news, stay tuned.

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