nuclear pasta space

The Powerful Material in The Universe is ‘Nuclear Pasta’

A without a doubt weird form of be counted found in ultradense gadgets inclusive of neutron stars is looking like an awesome candidate for the most powerful material inside the Universe. Read more »
Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking’s Final Research: Dinosaurs Are Strolling In Infinite Space

There may also be astronomical objects which are completely different from our planet, which do not have stars, suns or galaxies, but there should be exactly the same laws of physics like... Read more »

Flat Earther Finally Launches His Homemade Rocket

A self-taught scientist who believes that the Earth is flat has propelled himself about 570 meters into the air aboard a homemade rocket before getting hurt slightly by landing hard in the... Read more »

The flying saucer of Rael is for sale

The flying saucer of Rael, alias Claude Vorilhon, is not the only object for sale by the Maricourt Camping Havana Resort, which inherited many objects from the guru by buying the land... Read more »

Mississippi Couple Film UFO On Trail Cam

Jackson County, Mississippi – You would think that with a wide open world, alien life from a distant planet would be far more interested in observing the innumerable towns and cities that... Read more »

Pentagon Recognizes Existence of UFO Investigation Program

The US Department of Defense says the program stopped in 2012, but the “New York Times” says UFO investigations continue. After years of questioning, the Pentagon has acknowledged the existence of a... Read more »