UFO Left Strange Markings During Encounter with Fisherman

UFO Left Strange Markings During Encounter with Fisherman

One of the fishermen even drew the UFO - in spite of the fact that it looks rather simplistic. Read more »
Three Mind-Blowing Scientific Facts About Black Holes

Three Mind-Blowing Scientific Facts About Black Holes

Despite many years of research, these gigantic cosmological marvels remain covered in secret. Read more »
skull comet

Skull Like Comet To Pass By Earth In November

Our universe holds a number of mysteries within itself. There are a lot of amazing things and concepts of the universe which are either can’t be explained or the explanation to them... Read more »
Space missions which never took place

Few Of The Weirdest Space Missions Which Never Took Place

There are a number of space missions being proposed by researchers to reveal the secrets of the Universe. Read more »
strange things in space

Things In The Space Which Really Can’t Be Explained

Researchers perform constant researches to explain various phenomena. They constantly try to solve the mysteries of the universe. Read more »
largest structure in universe

Largest Structure In The Universe Is So Gigantic That It Should Not Exist

This largest structure in the universe was found by the team of astronomers from the University of Central Lancashire. The large quasar group is the largest structure ever discovered in the universe.... Read more »

Strangest Of Things Which Are Ever Found In The Outer Space

The universe is so vast that we can't even wonder what mysterious things the universe holds. The round ball of water and land we call our planet never fails to surprise us.... Read more »

Weird things that happen with astronauts when they are in space

Our universe is very beautiful. It never fails to surprise us. It is full of amazing things which makes us wonder about the things in the universe which are still a mystery... Read more »
nuclear pasta space

The Powerful Material in The Universe is ‘Nuclear Pasta’

A without a doubt weird form of be counted found in ultradense gadgets inclusive of neutron stars is looking like an awesome candidate for the most powerful material inside the Universe. Read more »
Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking’s Final Research: Dinosaurs Are Strolling In Infinite Space

There may also be astronomical objects which are completely different from our planet, which do not have stars, suns or galaxies, but there should be exactly the same laws of physics like... Read more »