brain cell

A new type of brain cell – which may exist only in humans

Neuroscience is constantly making impressions when it is about studying the brain. There are absolutely no limits for science and there can be no doubt about it. Read more »
Robot's World's First Surgery,

Robot’s World’s First Surgery, Tumor Removed From The Spinal Cord

Parnikoff's surgery was done through Robot's hospital in the University of Pennsylvania in the US. pernikoff had tumors in the middle of the spinal cord and the skull. Read more »
The World's First Robot, Which Turns 60 Seconds Into A Sports Car

Amazing: The World’s First Robot, Which Turns 60 Seconds Into A Sports Car

Japan's engineers have created a robot that suddenly turns into a car. Along with this, the engineers of the city also claim that it is the world's first robot that turns into... Read more »
Special Robots Made For Locating Marine Life

Los Angeles: These Special Robots Made For Locating Marine Life

Scientists have developed a transparent and new type of robot that looks like a fish that can swim in silken water without any electric motor. Read more »
Southwest Airlines Engine Explosion

Southwest Airlines Flights Engine Explosion: FAA need to test that type of engine

The Federal Aviation Administration (FFA) said that airworthiness directive would be need to inspections or test of a big number of CFM56-7B engines. Read more »
Health unit

Health unit’s find for abiding supervised consumption site hits road block

The MLHU determined out the that properties was not anymore available Thursday noon while accomplishing ameeting with people alive in neighbourhood. Read more »

Sensor Attached to A Tooth Keeps Track of What You Eat

American engineers have developed a small sensor that, when placed directly on a tooth, analyzes in real time the glucose, salt and alcohol consumption of a person. Researcher Fiorenzo Omenetto and his... Read more »

Flat Earther Finally Launches His Homemade Rocket

A self-taught scientist who believes that the Earth is flat has propelled himself about 570 meters into the air aboard a homemade rocket before getting hurt slightly by landing hard in the... Read more »

The flying saucer of Rael is for sale

The flying saucer of Rael, alias Claude Vorilhon, is not the only object for sale by the Maricourt Camping Havana Resort, which inherited many objects from the guru by buying the land... Read more »

Mastodon Tooth found in Charity Donations

Volunteers from a Grand Rapids, Michigan charity were shocked to discover the tooth and possibly a tusk from a long extinct relative of the Elephant had been placed in a donation box.... Read more »