Don’t Tap The Glass

Few Of Really Strange Games And Apps Which Will Make You Say “What?”

There are a number of apps. These apps, when downloaded on smartphones, can help in serving some kind of purpose. Read more »
Organic Wood Bench

A Few Of The Most Unusual Furniture Designs You Have Ever Seen

There are a number of factors which are needed to be considered when you are buying a piece of furniture. Factors like the comfort, style of the furniture etc. Read more »
Hang Nga Guesthouse a.k.a Crazy house

The Most Bizarre But Beautiful Buildings Of The Whole World

In this age of development, in technology, infrastructure, inventions etc. There are a few buildings in the who have been given a lot of thought to build. Read more »
Strange lights over San Diego, UFO sighting or what?

Strange lights over San Diego, UFO sighting or what?

It was just like any other nights in San Diego when people saw a weird light appear in the sky. There were a number of speculations which were made because of the... Read more »

Unique Lollipops Which Just Look Like The Planets Of Our Solar System

Lollipops come in a variety of shapes and sizes but these are special lollipops, these lollipops are beautifully designed by Sparko Sweets Galaxy Lollipops, which come in a variety of flavours and... Read more »
Spacex Unveils

Spacex Unveils More Details About The Future City On Mars

One of the Engineers of SpaceX has revealed some details about their future project on Mars. One of the founder and CEO of SpaceX has planned to develop a city on Mars.... Read more »
brain cell

A new type of brain cell – which may exist only in humans

Neuroscience is constantly making impressions when it is about studying the brain. There are absolutely no limits for science and there can be no doubt about it. Read more »
Robot's World's First Surgery,

Robot’s World’s First Surgery, Tumor Removed From The Spinal Cord

Parnikoff's surgery was done through Robot's hospital in the University of Pennsylvania in the US. pernikoff had tumors in the middle of the spinal cord and the skull. Read more »
The World's First Robot, Which Turns 60 Seconds Into A Sports Car

Amazing: The World’s First Robot, Which Turns 60 Seconds Into A Sports Car

Japan's engineers have created a robot that suddenly turns into a car. Along with this, the engineers of the city also claim that it is the world's first robot that turns into... Read more »
Special Robots Made For Locating Marine Life

Los Angeles: These Special Robots Made For Locating Marine Life

Scientists have developed a transparent and new type of robot that looks like a fish that can swim in silken water without any electric motor. Read more »