10 Years Of Success For Marvel

From “Iron Man” To “Avengers 3”: 10 Years Of Success For Marvel

With the latest Avengers: Infinity War just out in theaters, Marvel Studios celebrate ten years of box office glory. Back on one of the biggest American franchises that marked the history of... Read more »

Data Leak Case: Twitter Also Sold Data To Cambridge Analytics

After Facebook, another social media company Twitter is also stuck in a related data scam related to Cambridge analytics. According to the media report, Alexander Kogan, who created tools for Cambridge analytics,... Read more »
Many Iranians Killed In Missile Attack In Syria

Many Iranians Killed In Missile Attack In Syria

Nearly 26 government supporters were killed in the attacks on missiles in the central areas of Syria on Sunday night. The surveillance organisation 'Syrian Observatory for Human Rights' said today that a... Read more »
Kabul news

Two Explosions In Kabul, 20 Killed And 30 Injured

Kabul, Afghanistan's capital, was hit by two blasts on 30 April 2018 Monday morning. So far 20 people have been killed and also over 30 injured has been confirmed in the two... Read more »
The National lottery

OMG!! 1110 Million Lottery Won By A Ticket, Created History

An unknown man living in England made a history of winning what he won by buying a ticket from The National Lottery. With winning the jackpot prize of this lottery, this person... Read more »
Toronto Attack

Attack in Toronto: Eight women among the 10 killed

On Monday, April 23, the driver of the Van Vehicle in Toronto killed eight women and two men. This was announced Friday, April 27, the police of the Canadian metropolis. Read more »
Knife Attack In China

Knife Attack:Seven Students Stabbed To Death In China

An attacker killed seven students outside a school in Shaanxi province of China. 12 other students were injured in a knife attack, there are five students and two students in the dead. Read more »
Bill Cosby

Actor Bill Cosby Found Guilty Of Sexual Harassment

American comedian Bill Cosby has been found guilty in three cases of sexual harassment. In each of these cases, he can be sentenced to 10 years in jail. The judge has ordered... Read more »

Iran: Former Leader Raza Shah Mummified Body Found

A mummy has been found near Tehran in Iran's capital. It is being told that its 'greater likelihood' is that it can be the father of the last Shah of Iran. Read more »
Donald Trump

Trump And Macros Signify New Iran Nuclear Deal

American President Trump has warned Iran that if he resumed his nuclear program he would have to face huge problems. Read more »