Sweet Jesus Ice Cream Feels Backlash Online By Christians

Ice cream company Sweet Jesus in Toronto acknowledges that its name may “not please” some, but assures that their intention is “not to disrespect” anyone. An online petition accuses the chain, which... Read more »

67-year-old did more than 5,000 sit-ups in one hour

A resident of Memramcook, New Brunswick, did the feat of doing more than 5,000 sit-ups in one hour. Roger LeBlanc, 67, has always done this kind of exercise, especially in winter. One... Read more »

‘Share your spare’: NB man advertising on car to find kidney donors

“Need a kidney, type 0. Share Your Spare.” That’s what Daniel McLaughlin of Moncton had in the back of his car. Diagnosed with chronic kidney failure in 1994, Daniel McLaughlin began home... Read more »

McDonald’s reverses its famous logo to mark Women’s Rights Day

The head of a McDonald’s restaurant in California made the decision to mark International Women’s Rights Day by returning the famous M of the brand to become a W, like women ,... Read more »

man tries to burn down a gas station

A security video released by the Toronto Police shows a man trying to burn a gas station in the Scarborough neighborhood. According to the police, the incident occurred at approximately 12:30 on... Read more »

A Tom Thomson painting worth $175,000 discovered in a basement of Edmonton

Many of Tom Thomson’s works adorn the walls of Canada’s largest art galleries. And until recently, one of his paintings was collecting dust in the basement of an Edmonton residence. Glenna Gardiner,... Read more »

44-year-old fetus

Just when you thought news couldn’t get any stranger, it has. Reports out of Brazil give us a report so baffling, it seems like something out of a science-fiction novel. An 84-year... Read more »

London Fire Brigade Called for Spider On Pillow?

he London Fire Brigade recently released some of the strange reasons people are dialing ‘999’ to the public. The control room has heard everything from “there’s a fox in my garden,” to... Read more »

Kidnapped 10-Year-Old Saved by Singing

Willie Myrick, a 10 year old boy who was kidnapped from his home in Atlanta Georgia has returned to his family – but this kidnapping story doesn’t go the way most of... Read more »

Eldery Couple Arrested with 27 Kilos Of Marijuana, Said It Was For Holiday Gifts: Police

If Santa Claus did not leave you the gift you craved most at Christmas, we may have discovered why: a couple of days ago, an elderly couple was arrested in Nebraska by... Read more »