Weirdest Places In The World To Tie The Knot And Make The Wedding Memorable

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weird news 10 sep

Strange Forbidden Things In Various Countries All Around The World

There are some countries which consider the use of certain things as “lawbreaking” which other countries might find harmless. Read more »
Poveglia Island

These Horrifying Facts About The Poveglia Island In Italy Are Going To Send Chills Down Your Spine

Poveglia Island is considered to be one of the most illegal places one “shouldn’t ever” visit. Poveglia Island is just near the coast of northern Italy near Venice. In the land... Read more »
LED Slippers

Weird But Amazing Inventions Which Were Created Out Of Boredom

There are many ideas which come to you when you are bored. There are many things which people invent out of boredom. Read more »

Weirdest Nail Trend Ever – Instagram Slammed The Nail Salon

There are a lot of weird fashion trends which are being introduced. It is no shock for anyone these days to see bizarre things happening in the name of fashion and trend. Read more »
Infinity Blanket

The Infinity Blanket Which Is Going To Help You To Have Relaxed Sleep Like Never Before

The infinity blanket is clinically proven to provide you with a relaxed sleep like never before. The blanket is made with a “smart” blanket technology, which has enhanced comforters which will... Read more »
Quantum level after death

Scientists reveal the soul continues on a Quantum level after death

According to the scientists, the soul can continue to live on a quantum level after death which can be a proof of the afterlife. Read more »
Weird homes

Weird homes tour to feature mid-century non-exclusive, lip themed decor and shipping containers themed

Weird homes tour to feature mid-century non-exclusive Read more »
Sweden's GDP

Sweden’s GDP as much as a week’s dip in China

Trade war between China and USA is growing steadily. This trade war in China’s stock market is a huge market. Compared to January, the Shanghai Composite Index has recorded a fall of... Read more »
Donald Trump

Chinese goods will have 25 percent tax: Donald Trump

US President Donald Trump is putting 25 percent tax on Chinese goods. These Chinese goods are $ 50 billion. Read more »