Grass Flip Flops

Strangest Products You’d Wonder Ever Existed

They are just basic products which have been given a few thoughts to make them a completely strange product. Here are a few products which you might never know existed: Read more »
During Their Sleep

Weirdest Things That People Do During Their Sleep

there are people, the minute they close their eyes weird things start happening to them. Here is the list of a few things which happen with some people when they are... Read more »

The Strangest Things Ever Done By Millionaires

There is no limit to the money which you can spend on shopping and visiting expensive restaurants but there are millionaires who go far beyond and do crazy things with their money.... Read more »
Cult of live Kumari Goddess in Nepal made of little girls

Few Strange Things Which People In Other Countries Find Normal

Every country is different and they follow different types of rules. There are laws which are different from country to country. There are a few things which people find doing normal in... Read more »
Chocolate on Cheese Pizza

Weirdest Food Combinations That People Have Ever Tried And Found Amazing

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Alice Malice Wonderland Shoes

You Will Wonder What Designers Might Be Thinking When These Shoes Were Created

When it comes to shoes, it is not just something which is used to protect your feet. It is now a major part of the fashion industry. It is considered to be... Read more »

Weirdest Places In The World To Tie The Knot And Make The Wedding Memorable

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weird news 10 sep

Strange Forbidden Things In Various Countries All Around The World

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Poveglia Island

These Horrifying Facts About The Poveglia Island In Italy Are Going To Send Chills Down Your Spine

Poveglia Island is considered to be one of the most illegal places one “shouldn’t ever” visit. Poveglia Island is just near the coast of northern Italy near Venice. In the land... Read more »
LED Slippers

Weird But Amazing Inventions Which Were Created Out Of Boredom

There are many ideas which come to you when you are bored. There are many things which people invent out of boredom. Read more »