Venezuela Will Inject $ 1 Billion From Its Cryptocurrency

Venezuela Will Inject $ 1 Billion From Its Cryptocurrency

The Venezuelan government, plagued by serious liquidity problems, will inject into its economy $ 1 billion from the sale of Petro, its cryptocurrency. Read more »

Bitcoins: Towards A Much More Favourable Taxation

Indeed, the Council of State has just cancelled the tax instruction dedicated to virtual currencies dating from 2014 following an appeal filed by a law firm representing virtual currency holders. Read more »
Thomson Reuters

One Out Of Five Financial Institutions Is Considering Cryptocurrency Trading

Fifty financial institutions plan to engage in trading cryptocurrencies in the year, according to a survey of Thomson Reuters. A survey of 400 customers revealed that one in five is considering crypto,... Read more »
bicoin center

At Bitcoin Center, Believers Keep Hope In Cryptocurrency

Southeast of Manhattan in New York, the most loyal Bitcoin followers want to continue to believe in the bright future of cryptocurrency, despite a recent fall in prices and a slowing of... Read more »

Russian Farmer Creates His Cryptocurrency To Free Himself From Moscow

A Russian "agro-anarchist" has created his own cryptocurrency, the kolion, to revive the economy of his small village, Kolionivo. It is used mainly for the purchase of milk, vegetables and tractors. Read more »
Bitcoins: Towards A Much More Favorable Taxation

Silicon Valley Says Yes To Bitcoin, Not To Regulation

The big backers of the Silicon Valley's encrypted currency and industry in general are pushing the government to limit the federal oversight of the sector, which they believe will slow the growth... Read more »

Bitcoin Mining Gainful Beyond $8600 According To Morgan Stanley Studies

According to studies by Morgan Stanley’s crypto-analysis group, Bitcoin miners will maximum probably find their efforts to be fruitless unless the currency remains above the $8000 price factor. Read more »

The Future of Litecoin Currency In Cryptocurrency Market Analysis

Litecoin became selected due of its lightning support as well as better scalability. For this reason, from positive feedback and such investments, we hope the future of the litecoin to be the... Read more »
Cambridge Analytica

Planned To Make Own Cryptocurrency By Cambridge Analytica

Behind the company huge data leak scandal of Facebook’s, Cambridge Analytica was planning to launch its own cryptocurrency, consistent with the New York Times. Read more »
Alibaba' Subsidiary

‘Alibaba’ Subsidiary ‘Taobao’ Bans Listing of Cryptocurrency and ICO Related Services

Taobao previously had a ban on the sale of Cryptocurrency Miners and presenting Mining Tutorials. further to that, they have got now banned any product or service that uses the Blockchain. Read more »